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KU grad tells Denver Post about Adderall abuse in college

What?! PED's in the classroom?! So athletes aren't the only ones willing to take calculated risks in order to preform to the best (or beyond) of their ability? Simply amazing, I never would have thought about it...

And guess what, performance artists will use Beta blockers to ease anxiety before high stress auditions, but that's not cheating either.

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Young athlete trades a life of crime for the opportunity to excel

But but but...we shouldn't be putting any money into sports! It doesn't do anything to enhance a student's education. It's a waste of time, blah blah blah blah

Great story, congratulations young man!

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Sound Off: Involuntary ear piercing

I've seen some kids' names that I would classify as abusive too. I submit that we call them all "boy" or "girl" until they reach the age of 5 and can name themselves. My son probably would have named himself "ball" or "sghetti" at that age. Nothing wrong with that...

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Webb leaving Eudora football to coach in Independence, Mo.

move to a town known as "the meth capitol of the world"

Oh goodie, now I have another city to add this cliche to. I think my list is now at 118 meth capitals of the world...

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Sound Off: Armed guards in school

yes, sworn police officers who are on duty are required to be armed.

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First Bell: Pre-weekend updates on school schedules, football playoffs and pre-bond meetings

10/19 was a K-5 Professional Development day and 6-12 conferences.
11/2 (today) is 1/2 day professional development and 1/2 day recording and reporting where teachers need to get grades and grade cards prepared for next week.

Here's the link to the master calendar on the district website:

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State orders Children's Playpen in Lawrence closed amid drug sale allegations

BTW the article says drugs and paraphernalia, it doesn't say pot.

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State orders Children's Playpen in Lawrence closed amid drug sale allegations

Yeah, and I'm so over feeling like I should be able to send my child to a childcare where I can expect them to be safe and not around illegal drugs (of any kind), drug paraphernalia (whether it be papers, lighters, pipes or syringes) and drug sales (which we know NEVER go badly either at the point of sale or later).

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Free State, Lawrence football ranked entering showdown

Outstanding! Can't wait...

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In appeal, attorney for convicted murderer alleges prosecutorial misconduct

"Another case involving misconduct with Amy McGowan? Wow. How many of these cases can one prosecutor screw up?"

Whether she messed up or not, that's the attitude they are trying to promote. One judge listens to an appeal involving a potentially poor choice of words and now everyone is going to pour through their past case transcripts to see if they can find something that may be considered a "poor choice of words". Hopefully the evidence in these cases are solid, if there is to much circumstance, then a reliance on swaying a jury's emotions or feelings could be a problem.

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