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School bond issue sails to passage

I may be wrong, but I believe this kind of tax increase has to be a county wide decision for all county schools, not at the city level. Again, I'm not sure.

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Police officer injured while arresting burglary suspect at T-Mobile store

Pretty tough, hang in there guys. Thanks for putting your lives on the line for our safety!

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Man arrested after allegedly breaking into Lawrence High School building

Yeah, 6 units for a break in at a very large building with a lot of hiding places.

Great work LPD!

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Lawrence district testing 'blended classroom' model to provide more flexibility, learning opportunities

You are answering your own questions. Contrary to your screen name, you appear to want to "have things both ways".

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Ottawa woman, 60, sentenced to 25 years for dealing prescription drugs

It's a heavy sentence because it is a FEDERAL case, not a local one. If it were a federal care involving illegal weapons, it would be a big deal too. The US Attorney does not tend to take losing cases.

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Ron Swall earns Lawrence Schools Foundation award

Great man, great educator. $5000 is barely a down payment on what Ron has invested in Lawrence students. Congratulations!!

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Lawrence man arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, domestic battery

Uh oh, maybe he's one of the Van Buren boys...

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Pittsburg State proving Lawrence and KU not the only university-city sports facility partnership

I should also add that this Pitt State project has been in the planning process for at least two years, if not longer. I ran track at Pitt State and was down there a couple summers ago to visit. I went to see Coach Jewett, Track coach and asst. AD and he showed me the plans plus how much money they had ALREADY raised and had committed to raise. When PSU won the national championship in football that helped them generate the last amounts they needed to move ahead with the plan.

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Pittsburg State proving Lawrence and KU not the only university-city sports facility partnership

That is assuming KUED would sell the land...they wouldn't. I trully believe KU (and the city) chose this path because it is the one of least resistance. KU can design it to their liking, build it the way they want and with whom they want, and by owning it they can control the intrest the city has in it. So, if they don't like how the city wants to use it, they don't have to sell it. It also means it is immune to a petition because as stated, they are a private entity and have no requirement to bid it out, unless stipulated by their board of directors.

I would guess this method has shaved at least 18 months of the finish date if it had gone through city government channels.

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KU grad tells Denver Post about Adderall abuse in college

Nobody told me either, but I kind of figured it out on my own. My GPA in college was over 3.0, but not by a bunch. Didn't stress over it. My theory was all of my other activities, RA job, and being a year round college athlete (Cross Country, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track) showed my ability to be balanced and multi task. These are work skills.

That said...if you have aspirations of a good grad school, medical school, etc. they DO look heavily at grades as a weed out process when MCAT's are all the same.

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