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Public forum scheduled to discuss technical education center

Because State Stutes dictate that any four year state university has "ownership rights" to post secondary educational programming in it's county. You cannot offer courses or classes that are offered by that university without it's permission. Voc Ed will work since KU is probably not going ot be offering any HVAC certification courses (for example) anytime soon.

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More from the school board: bonds, tech plans and farewells

I would challenge each of you to read the proposal, especially the comparison chart where they outline some concerns in the area of ease of use in math editor (along with testing issues for students), Canvas is only compatible with the laptop and ipad platforms, meaning it can't be used on an Android device (high use and cheaper than ipads in general), etc. The Canvas bid DID NOT include training. As far as cost comparison to JCCC, you have stated their ANNUAL cost, the bid of $498,300 is over 5 years and an annual cost of $99,660 average, although the bid document shows it is an increasing scale, probably to show use of more than "just a few classrooms" over time. So over 5 years, your JCCC cost would be over $1.3 million.

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Teachers reach contract agreement with Lawrence district

Yes, I believe the district has traditionally given the classified staff the same increase as certified, so they should receive 3% increases and see the same health insurance increase on a full time employee

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Ad campaign accuses Kansas schools of low academic standards

You still continue to misrepresent the statistics. 89.1% of all 11th graders scored at OR ABOVE the standards on the Kansas Reading assessment. 33% Meet Standards (MS), 29.8% Exceed Standards (ES), 26.3% Exemplary (EX)

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Free State High School associate principal named CTE director for Lawrence schools

Congratulations to both men, they'll do a great job!

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Opinion: Local boxer in biggest bout yet

Great opportunity Marcus, good luck!

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Sound Off: Teacher contracts

It's not all that difficult to unseat the barganing unit, you just have to have another organized group of teachers (union or not) bring the matter to a vote, majority rules. I saw it nearly happen in a small district in SEK, an unaffiliated group of teachers missed voting out the KNEA negotiating group by 3 votes.

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KU atheist group having conference this month

I don't believe it...

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Lawrence man arrested on suspicion of stealing phone from pedestrian

"A 47-year-old Lawrence man "

"A man in a black hooded sweatshirt and khaki shorts "

I don't know what else to say...

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