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Do you think KU's new mandatory online sexual-harassment course will reduce discrimination and harassment?

I'm just curious how many of the commenters here actually did the training...just curious. I did. I've been a student/faculty/staff member at KU for years, and yes, I did learn something from it. Basically it clarifies how and when to report sexual harrassment and I think it's a good thing. Not that I'm defending HR or their decision to answer every problem with a new online training module. It was done to cover their butts but some good may come of it.

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More than two hundred law enforcement personnel eat dinner at the community center, Saturday, March

These men and women did an awesome job last night. They kept things fun and seemed to be having a good time themselves!

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Dead wild cat found in 2200 block of Bob Billings Parkway

Anything about the driver? I can't imagine hitting a big cat of any type going up to 45 mph (that's the speed limit on that part of Bob Billings, I believe) and not doing a great deal of damage to your car.

I think it's pretty amazing that a wild animal of that size, and perhaps several, could survive in Lawrence. You gotta give him props for that. My condolences to his family, if he had one. Or hers.

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Closings and cancellations for Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011

JMH, I got a 5:45 a.m. call that school was cancelled on one of the earlier snow days. If they do cancel in the morning, they try to do so by 6 a.m. But it's not like the -19 windchill will be a surprise at that point like the earlier snow days were.

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Closings and cancellations for Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011

I think maybe some people who think the schools should be open in this temperature forget that buses don't run to all (most?) Lawrence elementary schools. I am ready to send my kiddo back to school, and if it's open tomorrow I know he will get there safe and warm, but we should remember that not everyone can drive their kids to school and some have to walk.

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Baldwin City, Ottawa and Wellsville school districts cancel Thursday classes

I cannot believe Lawrence hasn't cancelled or at least declared a late start. Even if the main roads have been treated, what about the side roads? And the sidewalks? Have we forgotten that Lawrence doesn't have bus service to most schools and many kids walk to school everyday? The sun's not up yet, so the layer of ice that coated every single surface last night is still on the ground. In addition to my car spinning out (just a block off of Harvard & Iowa) last night and witnessing several small collisions that left cars undrivable, I slipped on the ice trying to cross a parking lot that was just a solid sheet of ice and hurt myself pretty badly. I'm fine, of course, but I just hate the thought of all the schoolkids across Lawrence who will be walking to school in less than an hour on sidewalks coated with ice!!

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City considers panhandling crackdown

"In November, city commissioners directed staff members to come up with a new panhandling ordinance after hearing multiple complaints from downtown shop owners who said customers were becoming intimidated by the number of panhandlers downtown."If unemployment is up and consumption are down due to the current economic situation, wouldn't you expect a simultaneous rise in panhandling and drop in shopping? Put aside the fact that asking for change should be protected free speech, while harassment and physical intimidation should be illegal no matter what one is asking for; let's ask ourselves if this is really a cause-and-effect situation or if it's just the economy, stupid.

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Fringe candidate?

Thank you so much for your kind words and confidence in the campaign, not to mention sensibility. He is not only the last hope for the GOP (I believe that their support of any other candidate would be a kamikaze mission) but what many supporters see as the last hope for restoring the republic. To all those doubters out there, just remember that each media pundit gets the same number of votes as you do: one.

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Not same God

I used to work with international students learning English at KU. I'd guess that about 90% of them were Muslims. Did you know that many of them, in addition to praying towards Mecca five times a day actually attend Christian churches as well? When I asked them why, they stated quite plainly "Because we are all worshipping the same god."

Furthermore, the fact that anyone would strap bombs to themselves and kill many in the name of god says more about the error of that person's interpretation of the religion than of the religion itself. Were those who slaughtered millions of Muslims in the crusades worshipping a different god than current-day Christians? No, they were not.

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Conservative voters search for candidate to get behind

As a traditionally liberal voter, I would like to suggest to the conservative right that they look into a Republican presidential candidate that most would not consider a "front-runner," though a remarkable amount of support has been shown for him, and he has raised more money than McCain. I'm talking about Ron Paul. Dr. Paul is the only truly conservative Republican candidate, and he also appeals to many who are disillusioned by the Democratic party. He is a pro-life, anti-war champion of the constitution and the fact that his ideas seem so radical and yet he still gains so much support, particularly from grass-roots organizations, illustrates the fact that many people in America are ready for a radical change. He is a Christian who believes in liberty, the second amendment, limited executive powers and the just-war theory. And he definitely deserves a second look.

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