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Another downtown shooting

Why are so many young kids in this place? This is extremely irresponsible. The whole racism thing is irrelevent at this point. Kids being shot downtown is unacceptable.This is so sad. Guns are such a stupid invention.

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Last Call owner calls city's gripe 'racial'

Infidel1785 posted..."These are the people that talk with the education of a 9 year old (otherwise known as Ebonics), wear their pants around their knees, hats cocked sideways with the tag still on it, jacket that is 5 sizes too big, have gold teeth that look absolutely hideous, have a chip on their shoulder and don't know how to act; a perfect definition of today's "thug".

This is ridiculous.Why do you care if people don't talk the same way as you or wear gold teeth? Does this affect you in any way or is it just fun to spew random hatred? Maybe you shuld spend a little more time worrying about people who actually commit crimes instead of caring about the chip on peoples shoulder.Last time I checked none of the above qualify as criminal activity.And try as you may to give your ignorant chilidish reasoning that every person who speaks Ebonics and wears baggy jeans is a major threat to society, maybe you should actually try getting to know some of these people before you question their intelligence. I would consider a lot of the people you're talking about to have a hell of a lot more common sense than you, in that they don't judge people for how they talk or what they wear.Your comment makes me genuinely sad for all those that you judge . It makes me feel that even though I've grown up here and been an involoved part of the community, the second I don't talk the way you like or put on some baggy jeans, I am less intelligent and an open target for insults. To label someone a thug based on what they are wearing and how they are talking, as opposed to what they are doing is the most idiotic thing I've heard in a while. Do you realize how much more the "thugs" up in Washington blowing our money, the "thugs" running the insurance companies, and the "thugs" controlling some of the major corporations in this country are affecting you? Maybe you should go personally attack them. Oh yeah, I forgot. They dress nicely and speak proper English so they're allowed thug-like behavior.

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Last Call owner accuses city of racism during hearing

I understand that Last Call is an environment that breeds violence and needs to close. However if you all want to understand why it seems racist, simply read all of your above comments.Most of them generalize all the people who go to Last Call in extremely degrading ways, while only a handful have been in the news for criminal offenses. While this is too many, it doesn't give you the right to judge all of the people who go there and their culture. Maybe i should judge all people in downtown Lawrence off the man who called me a n****r while I was walking down the street minding my own business last week. Or the white kids I went to school with who I listened to make racist jokes everyday. But I realize that's completely ridiculous. I can look past these bad seeds and realize that it's silly to believe all of the people downtown and the kids at that school suck. Maybe you all should try to do the same.

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Democratic caucuses draw big turnout in Lawrence

Obviously I speak English Marion. Stop being a smartass and hiding behind your rude irrelevent comments.

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Democratic caucuses draw big turnout in Lawrence

I just got back from the caucus (overflow) at Liberty Hall.It was great to see so many people there.It wasn't lack of planning that made things crazy,it was the unexpected turnout which is a really good thing! If we participate, hopefully the large number of people who turnout will influence KS to have a primary. If we make our voices heard, the electoral college just might listen. Obama has won the Caucuses btw.I can tell you that just from being at the event itself. Western KS has few delegates so the caucuses here in lawrence really do matter a lot. What are you talking about Marion?

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Doctor ordered to turn in abortion files

By the way Marion, your hateful tirades don't leave most people thinking "What an intelligent and well thought out argument he made." You have some very good points, but the irrelevant rude personal attacks completely overshadow them.I don't really know if you care, but why put so much time and good information into something if you're going to attack those people who you're trying to convince?

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Doctor ordered to turn in abortion files

By the way Marion, I'm not a Christian. Jesus is also a literary figure, so you basically missed my entire point. You seem to pretty good at that. And ,as always,I will enjoy my day full of choice, as that what our country is supposed to be about.

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Doctor ordered to turn in abortion files

Whether it's legal or not, women always will and always have made the choices they want when it comes to their bodies. So if you don't like abortion, then feel free to inform people about why and their alternatives.However, to support taking away a safe way for these women to make that choice is irresponisible. If you're comfortable supporting coathanger abortions resulting in the death of the woman and the child, then continue to support forcing these practices out of business. While abortion is by no means something to be proud of, neither is judging and harrasing people for the views they hold. I don't believe Jesus himself would talk the way some of you are talking. I think we can all do a little better. Marion, maybe you should take a good hard look at yourself before casting the first stone on all those who disagree with you.

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Shot fired during attempted robbery

ok you guys are the ones freaking ou tabout race. do you really not see that? Noone's accusing you of being racist so simma the f down

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Shot fired during attempted robbery

I repeat:

"As an African-American,let me say it is about much more than race at this point.The problems are about complete disrespect of people you don't even know for what they wear or where they go"
Learn to read kneejerkreaction.
Or would that be too liberal for you?

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