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Coalition to fight photo-voter ID proposal


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Coalition to fight photo-voter ID proposal

It's to see another citizen thinking beyond divisive party lines. I'd hate to see our rights wither away at our own hands for petty political gains.

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Coalition to fight photo-voter ID proposal

I don't think this is a left or right issue. I'm sure there are many libertarians and Republicans who are against state issued I.d..'s as a political ploy to control who gets to exercise their rights in any given situation. Example: The REAL I.d. was and still is protested by Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians alike.

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Coalition to fight photo-voter ID proposal

Does ANYONE care/realize that the implications of requiring an I.D. for almost everything we do , including going so far as to restrict a constitutional right without one, may have further reaching implications than just election day? Come on people. Let's think outside the box here.

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A.G. vows to enforce federal marijuana laws

"Did someone forget to tell government officials that it is the people in the government who make the rules. This is a democracy, not a fascist dictatorship."

Did someone, possibly your eighth grade civics teacher, forget to tell you America has not ever been a democracy? While this is obviously not a fascist dictatorship there are processes ( Re: the Constitution of the United States) that lay out in an organized fashion how rules are made and enforced. I don't see the federal government violating any of these by enforcing a federal law. Consider toning down the drama a bit- people may take your opinions a little more seriously then.

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City orders several audits

He does get audited geniuses.

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Support Obama

You should actually do some reading about socialism, capitalism, and democracy. Your quote about democracy really has nothing to do with our current system. Just because we have been indoctrinated to believe we live in a democracy does not mean it is true anymore.
If you actually do the research, you will find that democracy and capitalism are feuding ideologies.So, if you're arguing that socialism will bring about the end of our "democratic" nation, please note that capitalism already has succeeded in doing just that.

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Johnson County funds to help improve K-10 Connector service between Lawrence and Overland Park

Wow,the person who wrote this left out a huge piece of information pertinent to this article; Johnson County Community College students and faculty who commute from Lawrence to Overland Park. I find that very odd as the majority of people who ride the JO go to the community college. This is obvious to anyone who has ridden the JO. What an obvious omission.

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Nontraditional commute: Biking to work both cost-effective and eco-friendly

hey b3, riding bikes on the sidewalk is illegal...

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Medical marijuana bill has little chance of action

Actually Marion, my roommate is from California and has cancer. He was able to obtain a prescription for pot and says it's extremely easy to do. There are also vending machines for marijuana in public places. It's completely possible to change and these laws would make a huge difference.

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