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Kansans to receive $4 million in insurance refunds under Affordable Care Act, White House reports

I guess that's what you and I get working for the Association of Bizarre Untruths.

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Problem of voter registrations in `suspense' likely to continue

No, the founding fathers stated that true democracy, specifically fair elections, can only be achieved through each voters ability to produce proper documents proving said ability to make an informed decision based on wether or not the voter would, given the chance, drink a beer with the candidate.

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Kansas plans to appeal sex offender registry ruling

Is the line between real predators and accused predators drawn with chalk according to your relationship with the accused. Here's an idea: 2 months shy of the legal age puts you on the untrustworthy for life list and 1 hour past the legal age puts you on the good to go list. Sound fair?

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Lawrence anti-hunger advocates worried by proposed food stamp cuts

"This article is fraudulent. Fox Business reported [dubious assertion]."

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Lawrence anti-hunger advocates worried by proposed food stamp cuts

"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom." Great line, it really resonated with me. Cheers.

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Far and away the best laundromat in Lawrence. State-of-the-art washers and dryers (coin and credit accepted), free high-speed wireless (I get 10Mbps down) and HD televisions. It's across town for me but more than worth the drive.

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Overnight Oklahoma earthquake felt in southern Kansas

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Time for Big 12 to raid Big East


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What restaurant in town makes your favorite dish, and what’s the dish?

I really enjoy everything Ingredient offers. Just kidding, everything is terrible.

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G+ One week out.

The difference is Facebook doesn't already know your personal information.

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