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KU student arrested on felony drug charges Wednesday night

Exactly right. Whether cops or prosecutors AGREE with the law is irrelevant; their job is to enforce the laws on the books. You don't think weed should be illegal? Talk to the state legislature instead of whining about the cops on a message board.

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Court ruling casts shadow over governor's State of the State address

What?? By telling the legislature to obey the Constitution, and in using a study THEY commissioned to determine the appropriate amount of school funding the Court is making a "blind unchangeable mandate" and amending the Constitution? They are forcing the legislature to FOLLOW the Constitution.

How is this hard to understand?

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DUI charge filed in accident in which KU student lost his legs; driver had a previous DUI

Fundamental lack of understanding. Blood test results take a long time to come back from the lab. It's standard practice to wait and get it right, rather than rush into charges because they can't file for DUI (or at least they don't have all of the potential supporting evidence) without the blood test results. And if they file other charges and NOT DUI, the defendant can potentially plead to the lesser charges and avoid the DUI altogether.

But I'm sure you and many others on here know the law better than the police and prosecutors......

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Lawrence teenager receives three years of probation for his part in summer burglaries

Monitoring is exactly what probation is. And if he screws up, he, like anyone else on probation, is still subject to serving the underlying jail/prison sentence. I think most people forget or don't even realize that probation doesn't mean you're "getting away with it". If you do what you're supposed to do, hopefully you get on a better path; if you don't, well, you had just delayed the inevitable jail time.

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Court staffer suspended over Kline tweets

You don't have a jury in a disciplinary hearing. Therefore, there is no mistrial.

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New bridge in business

Well, to answer your first inquiry "A new $4.3 million bridge ..."

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Driver and pedestrian identified in Sunday accident at Ninth and Ohio; alcohol listed as contributing factor

I rather think you're wrong:

KSA 8-1424 Highway-defined
"Highway" means the entire width between the boundary lines of EVERY WAY publicly maintained when any part thereof is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel. (Emphasis added)

Basically any public street open to traffic will be included as a "highway". The statute could apply here, assuming the pedestrian was, in fact, under the influence.

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Baldwin City man killed in U.S. 59 accident

I saw the same thing; passed by just as the first deputy was arriving. Knew it was a bad deal immediately.

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Leavenworth burglar who found woman dead in home gets 2 years

Yes, because you get probation after serving one month in prison..... Not how it works. When you get sentenced to prison, you go to prison, you do not get probation. He may earn "good time" in prison, but he's subject to postrelease supervision (essentially parole) and may have to go back for more prison time if he screws that up.

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Heard on the Hill: Don't look for Chick-fil-A to leave Wescoe; KU responds to records request; CLAS hires new undergraduate services director

Exactly! It doesn't matter if you are pro-gay marriage or anti-gay marriage. The company has the right to say what they want and to take whatever stance they want. If you don't like it, don't eat there, but to try to shut them down because you don't agree? So much for free speech......

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