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Kobach considering filing charges against protesters who came to his home

Video from the Twitter feed of the National People's Action:

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Kobach considering filing charges against protesters who came to his home

The protesters stated that they wanted to "stop the hate."

So how did they try to "stop the hate"? They sent at least 100 chanting protesters armed with bullhorns to a private property where young children live.

Stop the hate? Sounds more like intimidation to me.

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Former Kansas inmate who killed three in DUI accident arrested in Oklahoma on suspicion of drunken driving

According to a CJOnline article from 2005 Adam's "victims were Aline Becker, 85; her daughter, Mary Wyant, 55; and granddaughter, Christine Williams, 35."

Real glad she was back on the streets again...

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Teachers, district reach tentative deal on pay

It is unfortunate that the teachers in the teachers union are not demonstrating the same amounts of passion and energy in their teachings as they are in their union work and negotiations. If they were I am sure that the need for time killers such as free-time, coloring, and the copious use of outdated videos would decrease significantly.

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Amber alert canceled: 16-year-old girl in Leavenworth found

"Logan C. Burris, was reportedly seen grabbing the missing girl and shoving her into the passenger side of her vehicle."

Seems a little more serious than teenage runaways.

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City to consider whether to name park after former Lawrence fire chief

Good idea to consider Mark Blair!

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Actually Romney, former classmates, and the boy's own sister have said that they do not remember this event happening. The supposed "witness" admitted that he was not actually there at the time. Were you there? Maybe you should go to the press so that they actually have a witness.

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Double Take: New column co-author to take the helm in August

Wow. I hope you didn't realize how juvenile your comment sounded! If you did that doesn't reflect very well on you!

The previous author wrote very well without trying to sound all intellectual and wordy. I found THAT impressive!

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Parents say LHS disciplinary action a little over the top

All it takes is one kid who involuntarily gets their head shaven for their parents to get involved and sue the school.

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LHS students accused of trespassing in senior prank

Oh, wow. You do not agree with someone so you compare them to Hitler.

Very effective!

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