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Letter: Stupid threat

Replace nra with gay or minority and no doubt he would have lost his job. What a bunch of hypocrites.

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Pinckney students dig into history

I am a skilled detectorist with over 25 years experience. I would be glad to help. If so post here.

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On Memorial Day, young veteran wants fellow citizens to think about cost of war

Beware of the " homeless vet " by the downtown barbershop. He makes lots of money. I and other vets have offered him help but he refuses it. I know of several vet programs for him. He has been offered transportation to register for them. He has told some of local workers how much he makes and it is more than they do. I am 100% disabled from the Vietnam war. I was also homless. I tried to help him.

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Editorial: Assault action

you have no idea what I am saying.

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Editorial: Assault action

very well said

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Editorial: Assault action

What do they expect? Throw a bunch of women and men in together and its bound to happen. Wrong - of course. Also there can be bitterness when women do not have to meet the same standerds in training -and they dont- ,also all the little perks given from the men. I know several people from west point and annapolis. They say that women cant meet the same standards as the men and it can causes bitterness. In some circumstances this can cause assault out of anger. Boot camp is easier in many ways now days. I think it is a combo of having coed boot camp and an all voluntary force. Combat troops are a male only group and boot camp is much more intense. These are some of the reason that lead to assault. The situation is intense enough. Now someone is saying stop it no matter what. This will cause witch hunts,lies, etc. etc. making a bad situation worse. People need to open eyes and see what this is doing to the military.

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Picking a preschool: How to find the right fit

We couldn't. Stand the thought of any one having our children at that age. My wife stayed home and we have three happy well adjusted children. Now we have three grandchildren and can't stand the tholught of any body besides family raising them so we left our jobs to take them. We sacrfised greatly then and now. Our children and g cilld started school ahead of peers.

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Opinion: Obama still a tax-and-spend liberal

I will never understand how libs can be so blind. You have an infantile sense dealing with the real world. So sad.

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Letter: That’s enough

Was it any different before God was taken out of the schools? Just asking.

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Blood test shows driver who hit KU student on Tennessee Street was drunk

jayhawken if you have EVER drank and drove u have no right to judge

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