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Former police sergeant's federal lawsuit against city alleges racial discrimination, wrongful termination

You may be correct, but either way demanding $1.3 million is a little excessive... makes the guy seem like he's using his race for selfish gain.

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Former police sergeant's federal lawsuit against city alleges racial discrimination, wrongful termination

20 years serving the force... if he was fired because of his race I'm quite certain they would've done it sooner. Sounds like he's just trying to start a bunch of hoopla so he can make a quick money grab.

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River City Jules: Men, privates don't belong in public

If Jules doesn't really speak for "all" women, sir Bruce, must you then take such an offended stance on behalf of all the other women? While your screen name is the alter-ego of a children's comic book hero, the leather and cape at night does not mean your stance is wise (please reference your portrayal by George Clooney circa 1997).

It's a humor column, Batman! It's satire (i.e. something to put a small smirk on your face while drinking your orange juice before you realize you have a day's worth of being you.)

Obviously "all" was just an exaggeration representing "the majority," or "a lot" or "a significant portion" or if that doesn't work "all the females on the same cell phone plan." Whichever it is, it's not written with a self-inflated ego.

If week after week your comments are so critical then please start your own blog with your own ideas that I may predictably rely upon as a reminder "thank god I'm not this guy." Otherwise please tend to Robin's wounds rather than poorly attempting to hinder Ms. Jules' merit (ha... just read my last three words a second time).

So may I declare... figuratively speaking... on behalf of "a significant portion" of all males not elected to their occupation nor living on the Jersey Shore:
---when it comes to my pal Persephone (Yep... call it Persephone... sounds musically talented...), even if God cast him out of gold (went with silver) with a girth that'll cause overage fees on any cell plan... despite the best lighting with perfectly captured angles, I shall never come close to making my Twitter-post look as big of an anatomical shaft that you... literally speaking... represent as a human being.

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