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New homeless shelter adds space, privacy

The location is terrible and there are probably homeless who find it too distant to be of help.

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Turning the tide: As traditional churches see interest wane, upstarts draw in young people

As an atheist and a humanist, I'd like to see all donations going to charities. 60% is a steep adminstrative charge.
It's indeed scary that an MBA is the best preparation for beginning a ministry, but it's indicative of the personal objectives of many ministers and most religions.

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Soup swap: Friends gather to exchange soup at parties nationwide

Where are the recipes???????

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Statehouse Live: Republican leaders considering constitutional change to thwart school finance ruling

Just the true characters of the legislators showing, greed for themselves and generosity for no one who needs it. As a commenter ahead of this message said, keep 'em stupid. Anyone who supports their agenda must be stupid if they haven't yet figured out that the people being disenfranchised are them, the same idiots taken in by these self-serving, greedy little minds. No taxes, no services is a grand agenda only for those at the top, not the rest of us who have little to tax, poor to no healthcare, and now, no education. Keep up the good work Brownie!

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Do you think Kansas legislators should have supported the Topeka school district's attempt to secure a $40 million federal education grant?

Those that spend the least can best afford to spend the most and they intend to keep it that way.
Those that spend the most can least afford it.
Nothing like the milk of human kindness runs through Republican veins.
Kansas current tax philosophy may attract corporate greed, but not the workers to support the corporations.
Working class people cannot afford Kansas tax breaks because the deficit in services is unaffordable.

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Brownback says Kansas will always be part of United States

i really like the self-deportation suggestion, but i would like Brownback to lead the way. He and his ilk would be much happier, as would I when all of the self-ritious ultraconsertives were gone.

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Do you think President Obama's stance in support of gay marriage will help or hurt his chances of being re-elected?

I don't understand what you mean by not being about civil rights? There is a big difference between pediphilia and civil affairs.
Adulterers have nothng to do with either pediphilia or gay rights.

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Do you think President Obama's stance in support of gay marriage will help or hurt his chances of being re-elected?

I applaud his position, it's about time. However, I'm afraid there are still too many people still in the Dark Ages; not a few of whom have stated their position here.

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Not this time: KU falls to UK, but not without a fight

Thanks for the dance! We love you.

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