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Federal deficit falls to lowest level in four years

The posted deficit doesn't matter...the only thing that matters is the national debt, and it continues to climb at an astonishing rate. See if you want to see the debt organized by presidential term. Turns out, the debt climbs the fastest during Republican administrations. Hmmmmm.

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Cheney in Kansas to campaign for Ryun

Why would you want a guy with a 20% approval rating to stump for you?

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KU football, men's basketball lose scholarships

All the more reason that, for bball, this has to be the season to win it all.

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Commissioners hold the line on budget

I was about to congratulate them on living within their means, until I read:

"¢ a water rate increase that will average 4 percent.
¢ a sewer rate increase that will average 9 percent.
¢ a sanitation rate increase that will average 2 percent.
¢ an increase in the electric, cable and telephone franchise fees ranging from 1 percent to 2 percent"

So, they DID raise taxes, just not property taxes.

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Leaders aim to reassure city during uncertainty

Kansas has fewer trails than almost any state. And one of the highest percentages of obesity...hmmm. Any connection there, perhaps?

I agree with the poster about the Old River Road. If improved, that could make a fine trail...or something along the BNSF rail grade parallel to the River Road would be scenic AND flat (bicycles like flat).

Federal money is available for money may not be needed.

This state needs more SCENIC places to ride and stay in shape.

Conclsion: IT'S A GREAT IDEA and is at least worth studying.

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E. Lawrence closer to historic designation

Kewl. I love those buildings.

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Are you going to miss Max Falkenstien as the voice of the Jayhawks?

He made a lot of inane comments and observations and wasn't that great of speaker. Sometimes, I thought, "wow, this man doesn't know what he's talking about." I respect him for hanging in there, but no, I won't miss him.

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City passes marijuana ordinance

Centrist: We HAD a Centrist state, but the Extreme Right took it over and made it the laughingstock of America. Kansas' history has been moderate until about 1988. Remember Nancy Kassebaum and Bob Dole? Moderate Republicans who would be cast as liberals today by the Right Wing Machine.

And, as I said, if you think Lawrence's politics are liberal, you haven't lived anywhere that really is.

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Concerns are voiced on test-score gap

"Stop thinking you're such a thug, and actually study. Stop skipping school to go hang with your "h**s" and smoking and selling your dope so you can afford the "bling-bling" and maybe you'll actually get somewhere."

And the award for Most Racist Comment of The Day goes surprise here folks, bankboy119.

Where on earth does this rightwing wackjob get his stereotypes? From 1955 Mississippi? So offensive...if he wasn't anonymous, he'd probably be dead.

By the way, if his offensive message disappears, it's because I "suggested removal."

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Resolution touts academic freedom

I disagreed loudly with many of my professors at KU 20 years ago, and never suffered any retribution by them. And, egads, one of them was a right wing nut in a class on terrorism!

In fact, they were often so happy to have someone pay attention them that they later thanked me for starting a discussion.

I have also sat in on some KU classes in recent years and I have never seen any stifling of debate by any instructor...they were all HOPING for some dissent that might show that the dolts staring at them with doe-eyes or sleeping had some life in them.

This is just more of Kansas's hard turn to the extreme right that has made it the laughingstock of the rest of the country. It's so sad.

I keep coming back to: Where is the governor? Why is she so afraid to come out and oppose the Extremists when they pull stuff like this and ID? She needs to address the Moderate Majority in the state and describe how they are hurting our kids' economic futures with their extremist views.

Remember: About 75% of our country's GDP is produced in blue states. Without blue states, the red states would be poverty stricken. Without farm subsidies paid by the blue state residents, Kansas would be an empty shell.

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