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Amber alert canceled: 16-year-old girl in Leavenworth found Seems to me that the call was warranted per the guidelines. That there may have been a "history" between the two should throw up more red flags rather than just chopping it up to "teenagers will be teenagers."

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Not so friendly

Where is everyone seeing cyclists create hazards? I see cyclists all the time around town and have only seen a couple doing blatantly stupid things.

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Do you support Kansas’ indoor smoking ban?

You have the right to choose to not take your children to places that allow smoking. People also have the right to choose not to work in places that allow smoking. Business owners should have the right to decide if smoking is allowed in their establishment. Incidentally, with 25% of Americans smoking and 35.7% overweight, I am a bit more concerned about the the later. (CDC)

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Police arrest wanted man outside of Lawrence

...all of the posts hoping for his arrest were posted 33 minutes ago or more, before the last update to this story when it was updated to reflect his arrest.

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Sisters give birth within 1 day of each other

Congrats to you and your sister! Both babies look like dolls :)

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Family planning

The debate I saw a couple weeks ago had them all saying/agreeing, in a nutshell, that birth control pills are symptomatic of the immorality of our society. Santorum is the worst by far on this issue, but I can't trust any of them not to take my rights back to the 50's (or earlier).

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Family planning

I've actually been doing some research into the FAM method lately. True, its not the same as the rhythm method. I'm not sold on it or convinced its bogus yet. It makes a lot of sense, but has a heavy reliance on temperature and mine like to fluctuate a LOT. My opinion on it right now is that it truly doesn't work for everyone. I'm just sick of religious crazies (note--the crazies, not the rational ones) insinuating that I'm immoral because I'm in a relationship with my husband and we have the foresight to know we don't want kids until we can support them. I've not been thrilled with Obama, but the GOP leaves me no choice but to vote for him simply because of their stance on reproductive rights.

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Opponents criticize latest abortion bill in Kansas Legislature

This is pretty scary stuff. According to my understanding of what I read, if I am pregnant and have an abortion, my husband (or parents if I were under 18) can sue me, with a second offense being a felony. What if I don't want a kid and the husband pokes holes in the condoms? Not everyone is in a happy, trusting, honest relationship and this basically gives the man the rights in a marriage. And HOW is it OK to ever omit medical information to a patient, pregnant or otherwise? Having a baby with severe disabilities is expensive; allowing for the omission of this information to the mother at the very least takes away several very important months of preparations.

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KU School of Nursing touts benefits of e-textbooks

I really hope etextbooks become the norm. I've only been able to purchase a couple of my textbooks digitally, and I loved them. It was awesome to be able to do a keyword search and be able to pull up the related material quickly and accurately. Not to mention eliminating bulk from my backpack!

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Lawrence City Commission considering enforcing limits on how many unrelated people can live in a single-family home

I see where you're coming from, but there are laws that I have seen enforced (however irregularly) regarding noise and blight. I've lived in the Oread, East Lawrence, and the area southeast of campus and never had issues with any neighbors except college-aged groups who obviously had many more roommates than was practical for their houses. That's not to say that instances like you say don't arise, but in my experience they're not the majority.

I think enforcing the three unrelated residents rule could crack down on a lot of issues, especially in the Oread. I've never loved a house as much as the one I lived in on Tennessee Street, but I had to move after one year due to the infiltration of noise and trash caused by my neighbors, all whom would have been affected by this ordinance. They should be enforcing all these ordinances all the time, but I can see where that is a very expensive endeavor for the city.

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