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Should tattoos be covered up in the workplace?

Trendy? Tattoos have been around since 5000 BC. I don't think people will stop getting them any time soon.

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Should tattoos be covered up in the workplace?

So, would a cross be considered "ungodly graffiti"?

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Four-ward! Believe it — KU in Final Four

It seemed to me that Calipari was feigning ignorance in that interview - and did it so poorly that he came off as arrogant. He knows he's got the team to beat.

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Are you doing a fresh or artificial Christmas tree this year?

Seriously? Buy one from a local organization (such as a high school) that sells trees as a fundraiser and use it as a tax right off - since technically you are donating to their cause.

I agree with you about Wally World though.

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Should out-of-state veterans on the GI Bill pay the same tuition as in-state students at state schools?

They give graduate students in-state status regardless of citizenship (if they are GRAs or GTAs) and it would be awesome if they did it for veterans.

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The Burger Stand set to move out of Dempsey's and into the Casbah

6 pm, really? Does that include all of the families getting ice cream? Have you ever even been down there after 6 pm? 99% of the students I have ever interacted with do not go out and start drinking that early. After 10 pm is more realistic, and probably still pushing it a bit.

There is a lot more to do downtown after 6 pm that does not involve students or drinking. Decent food can be found at several places on Mass after 6 pm, and I know this from experience.

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KU officials clear McCollum Hall, say suspect in gun incident is believed to have left campus

What sort of indoctrination are you speaking of?

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Should cell phones be sold with a health warning label?

fast food and soda are*

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Should cell phones be sold with a health warning label?

All fast food and soda is more deserving of a health warning label than cellular phones.

Cell phones that enhance their search for a network in low signal areas put out more radiation, but that increase in radiation has not been linked to any health problem.

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