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A map showing the route for the South Lawrence Trafficway. Courtesy: Kansas Department of Transporta

Could you post a link to the picture above? I would like to be able to zoom in.

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Ballot rejected for using foreign ID

It doesn't say this anywhere in the article, but Nathan Pettengill is a United States citizen. Just wanted to clarify this as some of the comments have alluded to non-US citizens having the right to vote.

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Lawrence group hoping to help rescued pit bulls find new homes

I would like to thank Game Dog Guardian and the Lawrence Humane Society for helping these dogs find new homes. I am sure these dogs have had a rough life and could use some love. As someone who has adopted a former fighting dog, I can speak to how wonderful these dogs can be. I get complements time and time again to how well behaved my dog is. Most are shocked to discover he was a former fighter. He really is the best dog I have ever had.

It is shameful that people advocate putting these dogs down. Even as a former fighter, my dog has not shown one bit of aggression to myself, my family, or anyone else for that matter. I am not so naive to think that every dog can be saved. Some dogs are abused to the point they would not make good pets. However, I would still advocate them living out their lives in an animal sanctuary such as Best Friends in Utah before I would see them put down.

For those of you out there considering adopting a dog, please do your research, but don't overlook these wonderful compainions.

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Statehouse Live: Westar cool to cool summer

I think Duane Goossen needs to check his facts, because I work for the State and my insurance rates went up last year with no changes to my insurance plan. I don't know what he's talking about with this "there haven't been any increases in five years."

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Non-partisan group criticizes Francisco over ad against Morgan

Well said blue73harley, I am in 100% agreement.

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Former Dole, Graves officials endorse Slattery

Brownback is not up for re-election this year, Roberts is.

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School committee reviews junior high boundaries


Yes there is a path that goes behind gaslight over to 27th St. I use to walk it when I went to my friends homes after school. However, that all stopped when they made all the gaslight kids go to southwest.

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Newcomers lead primary pack

My only requirement for who I voted for was that they were not an incumbent and several others I know have said the same. I do not think this is as big of a money game as Schauner thinks it is.

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Prison time ordered in HIV case

I could not have said it better.

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Pay for view basketball

I would like to comment that my family had given tens of thousands of dollars to KU athletics over the years and now we are fianlly being rewarded. For years we sat in the second to last row and last season we were moved to the section behind the KU bench, without giving any extra money!!! There we too many people with choice seats who were giving nothing at all and now they are going to sit where they deserve to sit. And for those that would rather not go to the games if they don't have a good seat, well, you're not really a supporter of KU basketball then, are you?

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