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MBA students deserve credit for raising issues at KU

I'm one of the 25 Disaffected, as the Dean refers to us. Something needs to be made extremely clear: we were never used by anyone in the bschool. If anything, we used them. We approached them. And once word got around, you would be amazed at the number of disgruntled professors who came out of the woodwork that wanted to talk and tell their story.

We're not naive students. If we were naive, we wouldn't have found this problem. And the 100+ pages of data and info supporting our position must have swayed KU administration. Actually, its been directly communicated to us that it has. The regents also thought it was damning.

Don't blame this on the students or KU faculty. If the dean's performance was that stellar, there would be no question he should have stayed as dean. But it wasn't. And there are example after example of why KU administrators thought he should go.

PS: the bschool is also being audited for use of state tax funds collected in JoCo for research purposes, which the students or faculty had nothing to do with. Apparently there are others out there who have concerns.

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KU drops to No. 47 in college rankings

know what? you're right. let the school claim the 28 when it helps and blame the data and reporting when it doesn't. besides, i always wondered what data was fudged to get the 28 ranking. the website still claims 28th. you should fix that tomorrow.

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KU drops to No. 47 in college rankings

KU_bschoolprofessor: sorry....I mean KU_Cynic:
Here's a straight fact regarding your precious undergrad program: It dropped from 28th to 57th. Really? How does that happen in one year?? I wondered why the bschool didn't drop a press release today trying to support another worthless claim. Seems like another one of the few last things the school tried to hang its hat on died today. Another one bites the dust...not too many (if any) left.

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KU to conduct external audit on differential tuition

I just graduated but consider me one of the concerned students. I'd bet you've never even read the tuition agreement. I bet you've also never looked into any of the expenditures or looked at the documents provided by administration. Students have always made it clear they don't allege fraud or hope there is fraud going on. STUDENTS HAVE NOT RECEIVED an accounting of the money for the last six years. Period. The financial accounts provided for the current year are completely inadequate and don't even add up correctly. Even the basic financials provided prove expenditures don't follow the agreement.

After five months of questions and inadequate answers, students asked for an audit. But they didn't set out with that in mind - it was a result of the university's actions. Would you accept ridiculous answers like "Enrollment increased, scholarships were granted, or students got study abroad trips?" You forget that it's students' money that was collected but with specific constraints on expenditures and bi-annual financial statements required. None of this has happened. You have no idea the amount of information students have to support their concerns. If you saw it, you wouldn't doubt the audit. Apparently ku felt the same way. And by the way, you can't just walk into KU and demand an audit. Concern must come from within the administration too.

Lastly, it is completely inappropriate that someone within the bschool staff is commenting on LJW like this. Your attitude and ignorance of the issue is atrocious. You should advocate that students' concerns be addressed - even if you don't necessarily agree with them. There's nothing wrong with asking questions for answers that should've already been provided.

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Fee benefits students, business dean says

How does walking away solve the problem for future students?? Students were undoubtedly given the bait and switch. No one's ever argued that fees are too high. What students talk about is plain deception and lies and significant problems within the school. Until you know what you're talking about, its best to not comment.

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Fee benefits students, business dean says


Funny....that's what MBA's say about MAccs, too.

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