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Compton purchases former Borders Bookstore site; Incumbents, Rasmussen leading the pack in City Commission fundraising

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Ballard Center needs donations for school kit program

Current needs as of today:

Washable markers (pkg) - 356
Tissues (box) - 996
Backpack (ea) - 339
White glue (bottle) - 461
Glue sticks (ea) - 999
Ziploc bags (box) - 250
Scissors (ea) - 457
Dry erase markers (ea) - 158
Pencils #2 (box) - 1446
Pens (pkg) - 37
Watercolors (box) - 26
Plastic school box (ea) - 254
Plain colored pocket folders (ea) - 1706
Thin point dry erase markers (ea) - 824
Wide lined spiral notebooks (ea) - 1171
Markers (box) - 226
Rubber eraser (ea) - 476
Notebook paper (pkg) - 499
Pencil bag (ea) - 155
Red pencils (ea) - 160
Three ring binder (ea) - 288
Highlighter (ea) - 227

Donations can be dropped off at the following locations:
Ballard Center - 708 Elm St
Penn House - 1035 Pennsylvania St
UPS - 4000 W. 6th Street
UPS - 2040 W. 31st Street
M&M Office Supply - 623 Massachusetts Street
Peoples Bank - 4831 W. 6th Street
Peoples Bank - 2220 Harper Street
Peoples Bank - 3045 Iowa Street
Frank's North Star Tavern - 508 Locust Street
Mr. Bacon BBQ - 846 Illinois Street

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Jon is a wonderful person! I called him this morning when we found out that a couple keys for our nonprofit had gone astray and he showed up this afternoon and donated his service to re-key our locks. Not only was he extremely generous but he was friendly and accommodating to our clients and volunteers. I highly recommend him.

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Cardiologist — and many others — offer help to 11-year-old entrepreneur who fell victim to theft

Just watched Quinton mow his lawn with his new mower. He did a good job and I hope lots of people hire him this summer.

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Heard on the Hill: 5-year-old KSU fan refuses to color Jayhawk in class; reader asks about KU's helium connection; Engineering Expo coming soon

You have got to be kidding me! This wasn't about pledging your loyalty to a school. This was about doing an assignment. My 13-year-old is morally opposed to algebra. Should I give her a high five if she throws her homework away and causes a scene in class?

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City Commissioners set to consider making changes to Lawrence's smoking ban in light of new state law

Electronic Cigarettes. I use one by Revolver -
Haven't had a real cigarette in almost 2 months!

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East-side car break-ins, fires investigated

I live a block from where this happened. Someone stole my stereo a couple weeks ago. I guess I should be glad they didn't set the car on fire.

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Giddens to transfer from KU

This is really ugly.

Giddens made bad decisions. He didn't abide by the standards of behavior to which he agreed. He didn't display the kind of "class" that the KU basketball team strives for. He's paying the price for his behavior.

Linux_Chick was stating her opinion. She was showing loyalty to someone she considers a friend - or at least a likable acquaintance. Rather than just simply disagreeing with her opinion some of you responded with name calling and slurs on her character. Where is your class?

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