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Kansas state officials continue working on new rules for abortion providers

Thank you! Where is the pro-life movement after the birth?

I don't like abortion, but I don't assume criminalizing abortion will alleviate the "welfare state" so many claim we have. You can't have it both ways. If a woman must carry her baby to term, we must make sure that baby has every advantage in life to succeed, regardless its parents social and economical status.

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Federal judge orders release of owner of the former Yellow House Store in Lawrence

It is quiet. A little too quiet...

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Lawrence man treated and released for injuries after single-car accident on Interstate 70

"If you see a deer in front of you, brake firmly, don't swerve, stay in your lane and bring your vehicle to a controlled stop. It is better to hit the deer than to swerve and lose control of your vehicle and risk rolling over or hitting a tree or oncoming traffic."

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Not again: Sporting KC drop points in final minutes

Because it's a blog centered on Sporting KC...
I still don't understand people who go to an article just to say, "Why is this here?".
Why did you click the link in the first place?

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Apple has been named the world's most valuable brand by global agency Millward Brown. Do you own an Apple product?

Macbook purchased in 2006. Still runs the same the day I bought it.

Around the same time my brother bought an HP laptop with similar specs but half the price. Lasted 1 year. I have countless examples of this happening up to today.

There's lots of small things that make OSX more enjoyable for me. I ask anyone to try and take a screenshot right now on their windows based machine. It's clunky and difficult, and you have to hunt down the photos after the fact because they're saved in some archaic folder buried in windows temp files.

Take a screenshot on a mac, you can pull up crosshairs to select exactly what you want, and the photo is saved right to the desktop.

I understand it may not be for everyone, but hipsters aren't they only Apple users.

...geeks like them too :)

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Do you subscribe to Netflix or a similar on-demand service?

You realize there is a difference between Netflix and the site you mention... mainly royalties and rights for the content...
Not that i'm above going to ch121 when I missed Fringe but don't want to wait until the next day to stream it from Fox. I'm just saying a payed service is a little more dependable, and won't give you malware.

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Do you subscribe to Netflix or a similar on-demand service?

And you can always buy an over-the-air antenna. It'll pick up hi-def signals for the big 3 networks, plus a couple pbs channels. They're only $20-$30.

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Lawrence man ordered to face trial on rape, burglary charges

It's a bad idea to have non-consensual sex with someone who is inebriated or otherwise unable to consent to said sexual relations.
It's also a bad idea to troll message boards with "She deserved it!" type mentalities that help no one, and then feel indignation when called out on it.
If my comment won't stop people from raping other people, your comment ("shouldn't get pass out drunk") won't keep kids from drinking too much. The only difference is, everyone except rapists agrees with my statement. Not everyone agrees with yours.
If they did, black out drunkenness would occur as often as rape.

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