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Sex crime defendant's attorney wants information about teenage accusers

Basically the attorney is making it sound like it's the kids faults or they are making it up. This is why so many people don't come forward about sex crimes. All this does is make the victim/victims feel guilty about what happened to them.

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Abortion ban to be proposed in Kansas House

If you or a teen thinks they are responsible enough to have sex then they better be ready to except the consequences of your actions. Either you have the baby and keep it or give it up for adoption. It's not the babies fault you were stupid and irresponsible. Abortion should only be ok if you were raped or if the doctors say the baby or mother will not live due to a medical condition. If you are not ready to except the possibility of pregnancy keep your legs closed!!!

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Sound Off: Does anyone in town still develop film?

And yes people still buy and use 35mm film or one time use cameras.

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Sound Off: Does anyone in town still develop film?

Walgreens still develops 35mm & APS film same day. We have two here in Lawrence one @ 23rd and Louisiana (785-832-8188) & one @ 6th & Kasold (785-841-5400)!

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Douglas County reviewing swimming regulations at Lone Star Lake after second drowning

I frequent this swimming area with my husband and two kids every summer and every time it's packed. You have to watch yourself and those with you and use common sense. If you have kids keep a very close eye on them. Adults and children should only swim where you can touch the bottom If they wanna do something then make the deepest section of the swimming area only 6 feet deep.

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Wichita police say missing 14-year-old found safe

Glad she was found safe. But why would a parent allow a 14 year old to go for a walk at that time of night? If she couldn't sleep have her watch tv, read, listen to radio anything at home but not let her go walking at midnight. Poor parenting choice

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Police locate child missing in downtown Lawrence

ljw you might wanna change what he's wearing to shirt not s hit.

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Police identify boy who drowned at Lone Star Lake

Wonderfully put. Amen!

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Fire causes major damage to home on Maple Street in North Lawrence; two dogs perish

It is 4 dogs and like 15 cats per household in Lawrence city limits

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KDOT secretary to address K-10 safety issues

How do you know he was NOT buckled in the proper car seat? I have talked with people who are close to the family and have heard that he WAS correctly buckled in.

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