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Court: Kansas Legislature's level of funding for schools unconstitutional

Moderate- They're Kansas levied requirements.

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Lawrence school board votes to keep all elementaries open for now, but issue likely to return

A strong 5-2 vote in support of no further closures makes your headline choice frustrating. Why not have moved the conversation forward by highlighting the business of "developing a sustainable long range plan for our schools", as Ms White suggests?

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Little-known residence houses retired faculty

I have had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Gordon and know that she is a smart, tireless, amazing advocate for the rights of all older adults. If you follow the link below, you'll find her bio in the KU Women's Hall of Fame. However, in that bio, it does not mention that Ms. Gordon's early history includes work in the settlement houses in St. Louis. Perhaps this is where she came to follow this consummate code of ethics and unwavering moral compass; Lawrence is lucky to have her.

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School board may subtract English as a Second Language program from closing equation

Kim Bodensteiner has been an amazing educator & advocate for Lawrence's public school students. Thank you for your service. You will be missed.

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Bipartisan school finance plan introduced in Senate

A question for Scott Rothschild: Does the above reported bi-partisan plan address the current weighted funding formula?

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School consolidation working group renews resolve for mission

Cordley’s deferred maintenance is about 1.8 million; I agree it’s a lot. $900,000 is to replace the 90 year old boiler on the older section of the facility and approximately $300,000 is to make the older portion of the building handicap accessible, which Cordley staff has requested for a least 30 years. For comparison sake, the cost of Lawrence’s new athletic facilities is about 15 million and the cost of a new elementary building is approximately 18 million. To my way of thinking, investing 1.8 million to use the building for another 100 years is a responsible & affordable option.

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Firm maps out school consolidation group's proposals

NY is not far below capacity & RSP projects growth in its catchment. The NY building is on the small side & could use a few extra classrooms. It will likely have about the same number of students as KY, PY, & CY catchments within 5 years.

To P.Park, it has excess capacity because at the time it was built, the district & the city thought there would be more housing there. The administration's preferred elementary model is a 3 section buildings; I'm sure they thought that a development near K-10 would support a 450-500 student school. Maybe someday it might, but it seems unlikely in the near future.

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Firm maps out school consolidation group's proposals

The maps reviewed last night were just a starting point, something for the group to work from. There was not a clear indication of how exactly boundaries would change, but it did appear if we consolidate 2 schools, one in east and one in central Lawrence there will be major boundary changes for all of Lawrence, save Woodlawn due to the river.

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Cordley, New York schools add ideas to Lawrence elementary consolidation mix

Thank you for this comment.

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Consolidating schools certain to ‘hurt,’ board member says

Can you expand on what a non-consolidation approach looks like?

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