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Malnourished child found in De Soto attic

imagine that...someone has three children by the age of 21 and is a bad mother. Huh.

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LHS tradition

doesn't the new stadium mean LHS will finally get to keep some of the concessions revenue? I don't see a downside.

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Kansas Supreme Court disbars Lawrence attorney Chris Miller

I rented a house from him on 21st and Tennessee while at KU. Incidentally, that house burned to the ground two years ago.

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Officers to conduct patrols looking for impaired drivers

I'm amazed at how many people oppose DUI checkpoints. I guess I figured the community would be in agreement that reducing the number of drunk drivers on the streets would be a good thing. As for probable cause, you might notice that one of the checks is at 2 am, which would be the exact minute that bars in this town close. If you are driving at 2 am, and driving in the vicinity of the bar district, regardless of whether you have a perfectly acceptable reason for doing so, you must admit a police officer would have some probable cause or at least reasonable suspicion that you may have been out drinking. I can recall being a delivery driver about 10 years ago working the graveyard shift. Driving around in between the hours of 1:30 and 2:30 was literally putting your life on the line.

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Contractor choice

Basic economic principles support that self-sufficient countries/states/towns/people can maintain, if not grow, even amidst an economic crisis. Sending Lawrence money to other cities when not necessary right now is simply bad policy.

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Lawrence man arrested after making threats

how do you threaten someone with a knife in your mouth? Does the knife not fall out when you open your mouth to speak said threats? Secondly, who carries a knife in their mouth, other than pirates.

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Vehicle crashes into Supercuts

judging by the limited damage to her front bumper/the massive damage to the building, I'm going to have to say that building has some terrible structural engineering.

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Man vs. Food vs. KC BBQ: Restaurant challenges TV host with a mountain of meat

jokes on you if you fail that challenge....fork over the $48. Who takes those odds? If you "win" you get a free dinner that will make you sick and have your body expelling from both ends. If you lose, you're out $48.

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Teachers must embrace reform efforts

Two quotes from this essay tell you everything you need to know about how Pitts has no clue what he speaks of:

1. "Finally, there’s 2002’s No Child Left Behind Act, which, while deeply flawed, at least represented an attempt to bring about critical change."
WRONG. Part of the problem with education is the constant need for outsiders to change things. If what you put in place doesn't work IMMEDIATELY, change it. Start over. Spend more money. Then, two years later when you haven't seen immediate results, change it. Start over. You should not reward NCLB for "attempting to bring about critical change". That's the same as saying: My car wouldn't start this morning, so I kicked it. No, it didn't work, but at least I was trying to fix it.

2. "The White House put up $4 billion in grant money to spur innovation in schools"
WRONG. Nothing says innovation like standardized, multiple choice tests. The basis for determining if your school and ultimately you as a teacher have been successful is how well your students do on a standardized test. So, REALLY, this money is put toward stifling efforts at innovation and encouraging homogeneity.

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Tonganoxie mayor resigns in wake of obscene e-mail scandal

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