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Sheriff's officers searching for Lecompton burglary suspects

you commit felony breaking and entering and all you take is Bud Light? I think we're dealing with some criminal masterminds on this one. Better call in the FBI. Put your ear to the ground, listen for the banjo music and smell for the bonfire and there you shall find stolen Bud Light.

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K-State mistakenly cited as one of 25 best large public universities in country

K-State rejects 2% of applicants? I'd hate to be one of those 2%.

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Another downtown property owner expresses concerns about late-night food cart operations is this ANY different than the guy with the hot dog stand open during the day? I guess free market is okay during daylight hours but once the stars come out capitalism should be limited?

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Three men face robbery charges

according to his arrest record, Chris Self is 6'3 and 145 pounds. Hopefully that "other property" was a cheeseburger, because that guy needs a few pounds.

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Lew Perkins' tenure as Kansas athletic director comes to a sudden conclusion — months ahead of schedule

I guess he was tired of the Turner Gill era already.

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Offensive letter long as you have the financial means to afford to send your children to them. If you don't, I suppose it's off to the fields and a lifetime of illiteracy for you! If you think the rich/poor gap is bad now, try closing public schools.

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Offensive letter

Right on David! By the way, this is NOT a partisan issue to those of you who are taking shots at various individuals......NCLB passed the Senate with a near unanimous vote. It was suggested by a Republican President and sponsored by a Democrat Senator (Kennedy, D-Mass).

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Planning commissioners recommend denial of Lowe's plan

at 7:30 last Monday night Home Depot had three registers open and each one had 4-5 customers waiting in line. The paint counter had two employees mixing paint....both occupied with customers when I went to get paint mixed. Somehow, I don't think Home Depot will close its doors when Lowe's comes to town......Westlake Hardware on the other hand just might. I will cry no tears when that happens.

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Planning commissioners recommend denial of Lowe's plan

Good thing the Commission rejected a proposal that would have created jobs and brought money to the community. In great economic times like these, we can afford to turn down opportunity. Besides, it helps keep that area classy........since nothing says classy like Taco Bell and Smash Burger.

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Good compromise

seems like a law that was put on the books to please a small group of vocal citizens, but which will more than likely never be enforced.

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