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Town Talk: Esquina to close in downtown Lawrence, St. Louis-style Italian restaurant to take its place; City Hall to pay company's moving expenses; tougher tow regulations on tap for Lawrence

The cashier at Esquina one time I went there was the most out of it of any food service worker I've ever seen anywhere. I liked the food ok but the help was seriously on something.

October 22, 2012 at 4:20 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Court hearing granted in "birther" challenge to Obama's place on the Kansas ballot

Roger Walters is no Roger Waters

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First lady says Obama ‘a man we can trust’

Michelle must have done a great job if the same handful of conservatives feel the need to keep making childish comments like this.

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Town Talk: Starbucks begins construction of W. Sixth Street drive-through; library parking garage construction set to begin in November; library project plans to spend $75,000 on public art

Dunn Brothers has had a drive-thru forever, Z's has had a drive-thru forever, that Scooters isn't much of a coffee shop but does have a drive-thru. You can do better than Starbucks in Lawrence if you want drive-thru coffee.

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Lab tests confirm that cause of unpleasant odor and taste of Lawrence's drinking water is elevated level of algae byproduct

Are you trying to be funny? "Greenies" are pet treats and environmentalists have every right to be concerned about safe drinking water including in this case. I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't care what is in their water.

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Lawmakers knock DA's probe of meetings with Brownback

"I felt like they were kind of looking for a 'gotcha' moment." Why is it that any time anyone questions anything a Republican does it's partisan and a "gotcha moment"? Exposing Sarah Palin for not reading newspapers is not "gotcha" it's a valid question as is an attorney asking whether meetings break the law. If they didn't break the law they shouldn't have anything to fear, right?

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Democrats accuse Brownback of interfering in redistricting; governor says he has a special interest

Brownback also has a "special interest" in Sharia law, pink slime and family planning apparently. He is interested in forcing his beliefs on others.

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