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NFL Draft Spotlight on Darrell Stuckey

As you know, it's all about where he ends up. Say, for a second, that the Chiefs go OL in the first round and then somewhere else in the 2nd Round.... LB or WR, maybe.

If Stuckey's still there in the third when they pick, they'd probably take him since they've been considering Eric Berry at No. 5 overall and have a need at safety. If that scenario plays out, Stuckey will be given a chance to start simply because of the Chiefs' need at the position.

That doesn't mean he will start, but given that guy's track record, I wouldn't put anything past him.

BABBOY, thanks for the kind words, but, above all in this situation, I'm a Darrell Stuckey fan. He's just one of the greatest people I've been around in athletics.

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NFL Draft Spotlight on Darrell Stuckey

I'm in complete agreement with you regarding expectations, but everything I'm reading and hearing from NFL type people says that Stuckey's a diamond in the rough and that he could go as high as the second round....

I'd say 3rd or 4th is more likely, but I do think he's going to have a big impact on whatever team he ends up with. He's just too talented and too driven not to.

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KU's Gill not ready to finalize depth chart

Practices are closed to the media... We're only able to watch the first 10-15 minutes, which is really nothing more than warm up drills and stretching. Therefore, we've gotta do the best with what we're given.

Check back often throughout the next few weeks, as we have some ideas in mind on how to take advantage of that time by analyzing some of the positions.

- Matt

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First spring practice pushed back to Sunday

I think that's a misprint....
Here's the original press release about the Spring Game and it has a 1 p.m. start.

- Matt

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Sharp steals show at KU Pro Day

Rumor has it Thornton's injured. Probably should've just skipped it altogether and went for it in the 40 and the agility drills.

Not a great day for JT but it wasn't for lack of effort. Dude worked his butt off out there today.

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Reesing takes time to make South ninth grader’s day

Due to the sensitive nature of the girl's struggles we were asked by the South Jr. High administrators not to get into the specifics — and furthermore they wouldn't even tell us — so we respected that request.

Whatever her issues, though, be it home life, school, social, whatever, she seems like a wonderful young lady and was very appreciative of such an inspiring surprise.

- Matt

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Bills cut Fine; TE joins Rams

You could be on to something there, TopJayhawk....

Fine had a great attitude about it and seemed genuinely pumped up about getting another chance in another city.

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Deadline Day 2010: Any Jayhawks on the move?

I love the idea.... And I'm sure the Sprint Center and all the KU fans around the area would too.

Not sure how competitive that team would be, but I can't imagine they'd be awful.

Good stuff, Scruggsy. It sure seems like it's time for the Sprint Center to find some sort of team to put in there.

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Southwest ninth-grader opens the door for all freshmen to join high school sports teams

Good point, mdsigler83....

To clarify, ninth graders have been allowed to compete at the high school level in the past, but only if the sport was not offered by the junior highs, i.e. swimming, cross country, gymnastics, etc.

The change here is that this form (which we're told has always existed) now allows boys and girls in basketball, volleyball and football to explore the option of moving up.

We've included the district's policy on this matter in the story above to help clarify this.

Thanks for pointing it out.
- Matt

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Drama and domination

Thanks for the info, bearb.... We were not aware of the Lions' streak. That's a pretty impressive run.

I'll file that away for the next one.

- Matt

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