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Ex-LHS star Dorian Green fast-tracked to D-I assistant coach

Second and third paragraphs. Medved was hired by Furman University and Green was added to his staff in early June.

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Ten things to look for in KU football preseason

Haha! Hit the wrong button after posting the comment. My response merely said, "There's no question that it is."

But I wondered what people were going to think about me getting removed. Funny stuff!

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Ten things to look for in KU football preseason

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Adjustment to Lawrence should be cake for new KU AD Sheahon Zenger

To be fair, Franke never told me that the usher was fired, and, Zenger was squatting down talking to the university president. I realize the usher was "doing his job" but I'm sure Zenger explained that he'd only be a minute and then he'd find his seat.

It might not have been the right way to handle the situation but arrogance had nothing to do with it. That word isn't in this guy's vocabulary.

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Kindness and smiles the norm in Normal, Illinois

I actually had lunch there yesterday... ISU SID Mike Williams took me there and before I could even look at the menu he had ordered a basket of cheese balls. Not bad!!! Like I said, they gave me the first-class treatment.

Heading out for Day 2 here in a bit. Stay tuned for more and thanks for reading!!!

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Darrell Wyatt linked to Texas?

I appreciate your comments but thought I should point out that this is a potentially huge story that is getting a lot of run down in Texas.

Some media outlets are reporting that it's a done deal and, of course, there are hundreds of posts about it on dozens of message boards. That makes it news.

It's not in the same family as the announcement of a new athletic director or the firing of a coach, but in this 24-hour-a-day news cycle we live in, these reports are worth a mention and that's why we had the note. You get a tip, you make a few calls and you verify what you can. Nothing more, nothing less.

I don't know if coach Wyatt will end up at Texas or not but either way, it's my job to cover KU football inside and out, bottom to top and that's what I'm doing.

Have a great day!!!

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With big-time jobs out there, here's why Turner Gill is staying put

Just FYI...

If Gill were to leave for another job, KU wouldn't owe him anything. The contract states that if the coach leaves, KU only owes him payment up to the date of departure.

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Grading the Jayhawks

This is the honest truth.... I just forgot to grade the coaches. But they definitely would've gotten a D in my book. Rarely looked as prepared as necessary to compete in the Big 12, didn't make enough adjustments and didn't take enough chances.

Two things they did do right, though, were this:

1. The position switches of Keeston Terry, Toben Opurum and Bradley McDougald seem to be solid.

2. They didn't lose this team and, somehow, got these guys to show up every week ready to fight. The lack of talent often killed them in that regard, but the late-season losses didn't come as a result of this team quitting on Gill. That's worth something.

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Grading the Jayhawks

Excellent point! Too many people lost sight of that fact this year.

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Book Review: Though he's no Hemingway, Reesing delivers yet again

Gotcha. For the most part, I thought I did that.

You might have to read the book first and let me know what you think then.

Like I said, there's not a lot to it but it's a fun and easy read and it shares some fun memories from the guy who had a pretty huge part in making a lot of them.

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