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Former state representative Solbach critically injured after ATV and car collide

Hi my name is Lindsey, i was in the car when this gentleman came into our lane and we had no room to stop and was struck head on. i was unconscious and when i came to i got out of the car and immediately went to his aid cleared his airway and gave him comfort. for those you who want to make opinions on weather we was speeding well if 45 mile per hour is speeding then i don't know what is?! all i know is im still and will be worried about this man i don't care what his status is i care if he is ok. has anyone made a big fuss weather i was ok? I'm in extreame pain... Or the driver my friend Robert is he ok... no! so stop judging and start praying there are more than one person to this accident Ive tried to find out his condition but im not family so they wont release any info. this was a freak accident wrong place wrong prayers are with him and his family ....thank you!

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