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Creationist plans run for education board

Can this guy say evil-lutionist and ape-iest without taking heat? Hmm, should we question this guys credentials and get offended by his comments about individuals who believe in evolution? Fundies or Evil-lutionists? Isn't that name calling also? I guess that I ask too many questions right?

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KU class angers 'design' advocates

It is interesting that Calvert's response has nothing to do with the actual class that is perhaps going to be offered. What does DNA and the primordial soup have to do with teaching a class about American mythology. There are classes about Chinese mythology and I don't see Calvert throwing a fit about that. If Calvert has questions about DNA then he needs to enroll in a biology course. Finally, these instructors are not teaching classes "in" religion, that is why a person gets religious training. Religious Studies teaches students "about" religion. American Mythology is fair game, as it falls into that category. Unless someone is going to tell me that religion has nothing to do with ID or creationism. People have no problem talking about the mythology of other cultures. Just don't talk about theirs, is that the rule?

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