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Runner reports seeing mountain lion along river levee

Down south of 68-HWY near Ottawa there have been at least three cases of something mutilating newborn calves, in recent years. The old farmer said it looked like something had ripped it up and eaten some of it. Also, this year one of the hunters in that same area cleaned a deer he had shot out in his back pasture and left the entrails. That evening he saw a mountain lion eating what was left.

I also have heard that they have tagged a couple of mountain lions in Nebraska and they recaptured them in Oklahoma. I think a mountain lion's range is around 200 or 300-miles.

We live in the country. I think it's time to get a bigger dog!

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Signs create hazard at intersection, motorist says

I think you are looking at the world through "rose colored" glasses. Yes, people kill people, but you are telling me that you would not take measures to help save lives, even one?

I doubt you've even driven across 59-hwy at this intersection. There are several signs in the area that impede your sight. This also depends on the height of your vehicle. Yes, if you are cautious, you will be fine, but the problem arises from inattentive people, which there are a lot of out there. If you pull a little bit into the turn lane and stick the nose of your car out, you can see fine, but you feel like you are sitting in the middle of the intersection.

Bottom line: They can't build the four lane expansion soon enough. Does anyone know if they will be limiting access to the four lane highway so we do not move this issue to some other location?

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Signs create hazard at intersection, motorist says

Anyone that is bringing attention to this intersection needs to be commended! For the amount of traffic, the speed limit is too fast, the signs suck, and you have to form a committee to do something. Duh! You don't have to be a Traffic Engineer to know that sometime is wrong. Yes, a light might help, but I would recommend a roundabout. They put in a roundabout at the intersection of K68 and Old KC Road near Paola, KS and I do not think they have had a fatality since the install. Yes, the truckers hate it because they have to slow down, but it is cheap and saves lives. Have any of you who have posted tried to cross 59-HWY between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. It's almost impossible.

Where is the City of Baldwin in this, where are our county commissioners! Someone needs to stand-up and be heard!

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Highway 40 leads area in accidents

I can't believe KDOT has not done something about these areas. Who cares about traffic patterns, let's spend a little bit of our tax dollar on something that will save lives. I know a lot of people hate roundabouts, but it has had a significant reduction in fatalities at the intersection of Old KC Road and 68-Hwy near Paola. I'm all for spending a little bit more, putting in a roundabout and saving some lives. Fixing the intersection of 56 and 59-Hwy by 2009 (I've heard 2011) is too late. Based on the statistics, we will have an additional 120 accidents and 5 more deaths. I do not want any of my friends and family to be a statistic. Someone needs to do something now!

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