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Lawrence cyclist seriously injured in collision with vehicle

Hi guys. Randy is awake and doing great. He also remembers this car pulling out in front of him and it happened so fast he couldn't stop his bike. Just saying, for a fact it was not Randy's fault... cool of you all to just immediately assume he was the "typical cyclist" that had a "right to be here attitude."

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Lawrence cyclist seriously injured in collision with vehicle

None of you criticizing the cyclist even know what happened! Regardless, have any of you ever considered riding your bicycle on 6th street? Have you ever seen the traffic at 3:45pm? Only an idiot or professional would try to ride their bike on that busy road. Thank God he was on the sidewalk or any accident could have been much worse. The sidewalk is extra wide specifically to allow cyclists to ride there, and if they were supposed to be on the street there'd be a bike lane like there is on Monterey Way. None of you have any credibility to criticize what you obviously didn't see and know nothing about.

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