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Who did you vote for in the 1988 presidential election?

I wasn't old enough to vote in 1988 either.

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Women rule

Manyblessings is exactly what type of woman comes out of a male dominated society. She's a woman who was raised to believe that women couldn't be in charge of anything other than the kitchen.

Actually, I was raised with hippie/liberal/feminist beliefs. I can't say I am in agreement with any of those now, call me a rebel if you will. I don't think everything in the world is unisex. I don't think women really need to be fighting on the front lines in the military or doing heavy physical labor.I don't think men are in their best role as stay at home parents. Nowhere did I characterize women as "psychotic" or "pmsing". I think there are roles that each gender happens to play better.

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Did your parents limit the amount of Halloween candy you ate?

We ate as much as we liked and usually polished it all off in a couple of days. Whenever my children are given candy I let them eat as much as they like in the hopes that it will be out of the house as soon as possible and that they will be sick of it for awhile.

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Women rule

Call me old fashioned, but I don't want to see a woman ruling our country (and I am a woman). I think women tend to be too sensitive and emotional and most would base their decisions on their feelings rather than what is actually right. I wouldn't feel like our country was as safe with a woman in control. I don't like women being in the military either. I am perfectly happy to let men take on the job of leading the country and protecting all of us.

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Atheist's daughter fights moment-of-silence law

So what's your explanation for the acts of magic performed in the bible?

Any act of "magic" is either performed by the power of God or by Satan's power. Satan's power, of course, isn't nearly as great as God's. For example when Moses was demonstrating God's power before Pharoah, some "magicians" repeated a few of the things (throwing a stick on the ground and having it turn into a snake was one "trick" they repeated, but Moses' snake swallowed up the magician's snake).

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Atheist's daughter fights moment-of-silence law

Using threats of eternal damnation to get children to behave is psychological abuse in my book.

I don't know anyone who "uses threats of eternal damnation" to "get children to behave". You sound confused as to what the teachings of Christianity actually are. Eternal damnation is the result of refusing to repent and accept Jesus' forgiveness, not the result of "not behaving". The Bible makes it clear that it is impossible for a person to live a sinless life on their own will. That is the reason Jesus had to die. We couldn't do it on our own, so he lived a sinless life for us and accepted the penalty that we deserved so that we would not have to suffer. All we have to do is acknowledge what He did, be sorry for what we did and ask His forgiveness and that he would come into our heart and change our life. Once we have done so we continue our relationship with the Lord by praying and allowing Him to guide and direct our lives, rather than trying to do it all on our own.

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Atheist's daughter fights moment-of-silence law

The Leviathan and the Behemoth are creatures that sound similar to what we know of as "dragons". Some have suggested they are dinosaurs, which would fit in with a creationist viewpoint. What is called a "unicorn" in the (King James Version) Bible, does not sound like what we picture as a "unicorn" today (some sort of mythological flying horse with a horn on its head). It is a creature of great strength- again it has been suggested that it is a dinosaur of some sort.

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Atheist's daughter fights moment-of-silence law

I am not bitter. But I am sorry that you cannot find joy and direction in life without believing in children's fables.

Obviously you don't know a lot about the Bible. Perhaps you have only read the children's story versions or are basing your opinion on things you have heard. Even for people who claim not to believe in God, the Bible is an important piece of literature that has shaped much of history. I would recommend everyone read through it a few times, at the very least.

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Atheist's daughter fights moment-of-silence law

Good. Now why do you care what they are teaching in public schools since they are not good enough for your children anyway?

Because the vast majority of children still attend public schools and what they are taught and allowed to do affects society as a whole. As it has been said "he who rules the schools, controls the world".

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Atheist's daughter fights moment-of-silence law

They can do it on their own time. There's nothing stopping them. Others should not have to pause their day so that these diluted children can beg a make-believe creature to make their wishes come true.

I'm sorry you don't know the Lord. You sound very bitter. There was a time in my life when I didn't believe in Him either. I am so glad He changed my heart. I hate to think of where I would be now if He hadn't.

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