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Public broadcasting dealt setback in House Appropriations Committee

this is a disgrace

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Fiddlers, pickers vie for crowns in downtown Lawrence

@misterlee - Matthew Oliphant is a multi-year winner both in youth and overall categories, along with his sister Cara. David Barnhill is an accomplished local musician and plays with the Sunflower Colonels. A Plummer (its a father/son competition duo) wins nearly every year in either guitar, banjo or both. However, because the Kansas state festival doesn't offer large cash prizes or instrument prizes, many of the competition circuit players compete elsewhere. KS Fiddling and Picking is for bragging rights only.

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Robot suits to aid farmers


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Big 12 saved after all: A reaction and a glance to the future

Nebraska isn't HALF as sorry as CU is. NU football ended up in the biggest money market conference out there. Colorado really got the short end of the stick by bolting to the Pac-10 and all the hassle that will involve initially. Even more sorry is the Pac-10 themselves. They offered CU, hoping that with CU and NU leaving would begin a domino effect and get the Big XII south schools on board, but instead they ended up with one of the poorest athletic performers in the Bix XII and probably stuck with paying CU's financial penalty for leaving the conference!

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Marcus Morris old reliable again

Glad to see McM getting the respect he deserves. This guy is going to be an NBA player, and will contribute huge for us the rest of this season and next (at least).

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