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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

People go where they want to go. Maybe places like Greeley County (population 1290 in '13) should do more to get more citizens.

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Opinion: Letter to our so-called president

[citation needed]

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Trump administration weighed mobilizing National Guard for immigration roundups

"A DHS official says memo was "a very early, pre decisional draft... and was never seriously considered by the Department""

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Trump airs grievances over 'criminal' leaks, 'dishonest' media, 'bad' judges

HW Bush got 426, but he only got one term so I could see how people forget about him.

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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep

"85% of the counties"
So, like western Kansas, where 62% of it's counties have less than 10,000 people. Or where 32% have less than 5,000.

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Letter to the editor: A good night's sleep
Obama did 276, less than W (291), less than Clinton (361), and less than Reagan (381).
That works out to be less than 6 a month.
Trump still has four days left in his first month and he's already signed 12.

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Spokesman says Trump seeks 20 percent tax on Mexican imports to pay for wall

$5 an hour? You're such an optimist that there would even be a minimum wage.

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Federal officials fault Kansas' privatized Medicaid program; request to renew KanCare denied

Actually, my dad is being well taken care of by the VA. And my father in law is being taken care of also.
So maybe if you had a little personal experience in the matter, you might be able to do more than regurgitate talking points.

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Opinion: Ignore Trump’s words? Seriously?

So I guess conservatives have had nothing but positive comments for the last eight years?
Did you criticize them?

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Letter to the editor: Brownback ideology

"Fake news", the new "I don't have the facts but I still want to say "you're wrong".

Also, "light".

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