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Letter: Safer Kansas?

From your link:
"A whopping 91 percent of those polled support concealed carry by honest/screened citizens."
The actual survey wouldn't open. Maybe because it's two years old. So I have no way of knowing if the LEOs prefer "screened" or just "honest".
Maybe they need to go back and see how their members feel about all the new open carry laws?

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Brownback ponders religious objections legislation following gay marriage ruling

Second greatest failure.
There was that whole fake legislature/governor thing back in the 1850s

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Brownback ponders religious objections legislation following gay marriage ruling

I just want to know which god is pleased.
Just so I don't think about following.

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Editorial: Judicial politics

People always bring up Citizens United, but that was more a case of them throwing it back at Congress and saying, "you can fix this".

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Opinion: Insurance choice leads to charity plea

I wanted so much to be upset that you censored "screwed". But two papers I looked at online cut that whole sentence completely, so at least you printed it?
Kudos to the Miami Herald for not censoring "screwed" lest we get our britches in a twist.

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Letter: Rude sign

Acme t shirts has a shirt for that.

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Douglas County says Kobach was not shown favoritism in building case; failure to be strict on building codes was result of new, unwritten policy

"Moreover, Weinaug said, it was important that Douglas County not be seen as beating up on Kobach, a controversial conservative politician, in the middle of the 2014 election season.

The risk, Weinaug said, wasn’t that Kobach would get special treatment. He said it was “that anything we did with Mr. Kobach would be viewed as punitive and a reflection of what the attitude of the average Douglas County resident was toward him. And so we needed to make sure that he was not being treated in a way that was more negative than was appropriate or how we wanted everybody else in Douglas County to be treated.""

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Cruz helping Sen. Roberts launch Kansas bus tour

" I didn't know you that a law..."

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Kansas attorney general asks state Supreme Court to block same-sex marriage licenses after first wedding performed

Where exactly did Jesus clearly say that "marriage is between a man and woman."?

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