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City commission candidates: Downtown is important to city


While I am open to new and creative ideas for our community, I am having a problem with your suggestion. Please help me understand your position.

1) What qualifies someone as a "true" homeless person?
2) What factors determine whether or not a person is deserving of help?
3) Please list any and all qualifications that allow you (or anyone else) to make these determinations (judgements) about other human beings.

Please help me understand. I am baffled.

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Community Response Requested - Which Forcade Photograph Should Be Donated?

Upon looking at this one I glanced down at the smaller, focused one in the foreground. My eye was drawn back up to look at the taller ones in the background. Staring and almost trying to bring them into focus, I couldn't help but think of my 3 young sons. Imagining the future and what it holds in store for them, I must remind myself to focus on the present. Enjoy and appreciate this phase of their lives, the here and now. Soon, the small will be out of focus... a distant memory.
Better get some sleep because the kiddos will be waking up early...they're growing like weeds.

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KU debaters faced fierce competition and came out national champs

Outstanding! Passing along a message from G-man, "Uncle Bwett is Hawd Cowa." Translation: Uncle Brett is hard-core. I agree. Now relax and act like a normal college student for once. Cheers!

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TIF 'tool'

BalkansHawk (Anonymous) says:
"If there is a petition, will a citizen/resident of Lawrence have an avenue to sign it (say an online option) even if they are out of the country and have no direct access to the petition?"

No online options. There is a petition that has been circulated over the last month by a few people. It has no legal value. The city commission can and probably will completely ignore it. I was simply tired of hearing the proponents of this project and members of the city commission talk about how great this project is and how there has been widespread community support with very little opposition.

If this TIF passes, there will be a legal petition circulated in Lawrence. Possibly filing a K.S.A. 12-3013 initiative referenda petion, but we're still looking into our options. Thanks for your interest in this issue.

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TIF 'tool'

rumor_man (Anonymous):

If you would like to support the project or the investors wanting to make money off of the project, then that's just great. Do it.

Please quit trying to squabble with other posters. It's a pathetic attempt to take the focus off of community discussion (aka: disgust) about a public tax subsidy for private development.

Also, feel free to attend the meeting if you have ANYTHING of value to say about the TIF. If you are only interested in petty bickering to deflect the focus off of the real issues, then no thanks. Have a great day Mr. Anonymous.

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Commission prepares for Oread Inn report

rumor_man (Anonymous) says:
"You would think the city would be letting them start by now. Especially since it's a local developer putting money back into his hometown."

They would be on their way if this local developer wasn't asking the city for special tax subsidies. That DOES require studies and more public transparency than it has gotten so far.

If anyone has strong feelings about this project, come to public forum this SAT, FEB 9th, 10a.m.-noon at the Lawrence Public Library.

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Sunflower State savvy

Jackalope: Thanks for giving me a good laugh this morning. It was much needed. Back to the grind.

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Voters will decide property tax raise

Concerned about tax increases? Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, you have a vote. Use it.

Here's another concern that has flown under the radar of Lawrence citizens. Tax Increment Financing (TIF) that is intended to be used for economic development. There are no votes on this issue. It is up to a handful of elected city representatives to decide these tax issues for you. What has been a developer led process so far, projects like the Oread Inn will be quickly pushed through without adequate public consultation.

Lawrence has been ill informed about these kinds of subsidies. There are no policies in place to ensure that the benefits of approved projects will outweigh the loss of potential revenue. The loss of revenue that would be going to the city, county, and usd 497.

Before you start complaining about one tax increase that will max out the city's ability to raise funds for our schools, look at the potential revenue that will be given away without proper investigation to the potential benefits of the new businesses.

Concerned about economic development? Do you want to draw good companies to Lawrence that will contribute to our tax base AND have an overall benefit for our citizens?

Then come weigh in on Sat., February 9th, 10 a.m-noon, at the Lawrence Public Library (the big meeting room)

If you have any questions or comments, please email:

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City must listen


Just want to make sure I understand. These numbers are based on yearly property taxes alone? How was the 18,200 number figured? Is the 371K lost revenue for usd 497 per year or for the 20-25 year duration of the TIF?

What falls under the category of improvements specifically? Would most of the area residents be willing to give up this revenue when made aware of these "necessary" improvements? In my opinion? I think not.

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School board may request election

I am all for giving money to our schools, so my problem is not with this tax increase. I DO have a problem with the Tax Increment Financing that the Oread Hotel and Condo project is asking for. They are asking for an $11 million dollar subsidy to fund 1/3 of their project. Call it a tax "incentive" if you like, but it is really a hidden tax on the people of Lawrence. Those of you complaining about the special election and budget increases, let's look at what the cc and the chamber want to give away FIRST. The more revenue given away by the city will only increase the burden on our school board to raise funds elsewhere.

To discuss the use of TIF in Lawrence, come to a meeting at the

Lawrence Public Library
Saturday, Feb. 9th
10:00 a.m.-noon

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