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How many homeless?

actually, they did look at the jail. and i'm blown away by how many people think that the homeless choose to be that way. you think it's somehow easier to be homeless? do you wish you could just be "lazy" and live under a bridge? is that it? are you sitting at your computer wishing you could just ditch your heated home and food to live a plush life of cold and hunger? or live in an overcrowded shelter with other homeless people?briliant! i'm sure you're right.

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Lawrence celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It is wonderful to see all the celebrating, however, the day is called Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of SERVICE! and there were at least 7 different service projects going on the eve of, and the day of MLK Day that were put on the back burner of the LJWorld in a major way. Sorry there wasn't more coverage of the huge expansion of service that took place in our community this year. Thank you VOLUNTEERS!!!!!!! Let's keep it up throughout the year!

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Skate park would benefit city

YES! We really need to focus on a new skate park, indoors or out. The centennial skate park is not only boring to many skateboarders, but any "improvements" made have only made it worse. I'd be willing to help organize another Skate Jam like I did a couple of years ago, and also attend city commission meetings. Let me know how I can help encourage the city to focus on a long overdue new skate park!

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Lawrence, area to celebrate Dr. King as Obama assumes presidency

The Shelter Clean-Up is all filled up (THANKS VOLUNTEERS!), but we still need lots of youth and adults to participate at Brandon Woods, and also Pioneer Ridge Retirement Communities. And EVERYONE can Speak Out!

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Study shows gap in what we say versus what we do about racism

YES-Speak Out! we are actually holding a Martin Luther King Speak Out! forum at the public library Jan 18th 3-5 and invite everyone in the community to come out and express these ideas and experiences. We want individuals and groups of all ages and backgrounds to come and read a speech, poem, or story that is inspired by MLK and the ideas/messages that he represents. These issues obviously still need to be addressed, so let us hear your VOICE!

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Civil rights leader to discuss Obama, legislation

Civil Rights leaders, and all community members who feel passionate about civil rights or other issues, are invited to attend the MLK Speak Out! also in the Library auditorium Jan. 18th. Bring a speech, poem, story to share with the community expressing your ideas, passions, and dreams! We want to hear your voice! 3-5pm

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KU preparing for recycling competition

So I should buy more stuff! That way I can recycle more, and win the contest!Trying to recycle the most stuff seems like a rather backward concept. Remember that the mantra is in a certain order "REDUSE, Reuse, Recycle"--for a reason.

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Two deaths near Kansas River were likely drug overdoses, police say

i kind of hate to partake in this trash. however,Cory was the love of my life. Why people feel the need to comment on the deathsof people they do not know blows my mind. I would NEVER comment on ANYONE's deathexcept that i needlessly feel the need to defend this one.I've never witnessed as much love as i've seen burstingout of cory on a daily basis.i'm sorry that some of you have no love in your heart at all.i wish you could at least find some respect for those of us who are grieving. which is a LOT of us.

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