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Ecumenical Campus Ministries pastor Holcombe retiring after 22 years of listening

You're the best, Thad! You are by far one of the best men I have known. Congratulations on such a meaningful career.

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'Food hub' seen as way to promote local agriculture

Hipgrrrl, Yes! The city allows anyone to pick fruit from public trees. The ordinance was passed thanks to the Lawrence Fruit Tree Project. LFTP has also planted a public orchard, thanks to the city's Common Ground program, that will eventually produce fruit that is free for the picking.
(Lawrence Community Orchard--830 Garfield St.)

Also, it is definitely the hope that through the establishment of a food hub, prices for local food will go down and make it more accessible for everyone.

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Baker graduate taking passion for social justice and environment to Africa

Awesome job, Sam! I knew, when I met you, that you'd be going places!

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High Drama: Film festival brings peek at mountain life to Kaw Valley

Is there a list of times somewhere?

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Style scout: Sarah Wertzberger

YeaaaaaaahhH!! That's my grrrrll!!

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Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream

Just FYI, the Roger Hill Volunteer Center also sponsored service projects at Family Promise, Brandon Woods, and Safekids. Thanks so much to all the volunteers who came out yesterday! Dr. King would have been proud of the great turnout and service to the community.

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Christmastime at the shelter

Yes. Thank you for hopefully helping the community to understand all of the different situations out there. How beautiful to hear their positive attitudes in the face of many challenges--keeps things in perspective.

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Volunteering: Genetic or Environmental?

FAMILY VOLUNTEER DAY is on Saturday, November 21st. Come and see volunteers in action and bring your whole family to participate! We have several projects designed to include children of all ages. Contact Emily Hampton for more information at the Roger Hill Volunteer Center:, 865-5030

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