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Sen. Pat Roberts says health care reform bill will raise taxes for middle-class Americans

Is this just a reprinting of the press release? Or was there verification of the claims?

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Work on Rail Trail to begin next month

I think it is a great idea. I hope to see that one day Lawrence will have a continuous biking/running/walking trail running almost from I-70 on the far end of the levee trail all the way through town on the Burroughs trail and connected out to the trail that starts at the movie theater and runs out to Clinton Lake.

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Would you support the idea of turning part of downtown into a pedestrian mall?

State Street in Madison, WI may be a better model for Lawrence than Boulder. The street is closed to all vehicle traffic except taxis, buses, emergency vehicles and bicycles. This increases public usage of mass transit. There are also parking garages and several points just off State as well street parking on connecting streets.

Think about all of the extra businesses and attractions that could fit downtown by adding so much extra space.

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Bike lanes surface along Ninth Street

From the KS Dept. of Transportation website, under the "Bicycles" section:

"Expect to encounter bicycles on all state and local roadways in Kansas, except on the Interstate system where they are prohibited. Do be considerate of bicyclists who have the same rights to the roadway as you do."

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Bowersock leaders planning to build a new hydro-electric power plant

I always thought the dam gave Lawrence water rights over other towns upstream and that without the dam, Lawrence would have to rely on those upstream for access to water, which would likely raise the rates here quite a bit.

I would guess that the bridge over the river would have problems if the dam broke and would of course have to be rebuilt as well should that happen.

Seems like a pretty good idea for the city to maintain the dam and for Bowersock to increase generation capacity.

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World sees Obama as weak

Every now and again I see a Cal Thomas headline and I am suckered into reading it for comedy. I feel bad when I do because the Journal World gets paid for the ads placed on the page that I have now loaded, when instead the Journal World should be embarrassed for paying for and publishing this trash.

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Parking meter costs to increase

I think it is also important to remember that the city is currently losing money in the downtown parking department:

"In 2007, parking fees and overdue parking fines generated $898,803, but the city spent $1.01 million in parking-related expenses."

I think what will happen will be that the people who refuse to park a block and a half off Mass for free and walk will now do so and therefore vehicle traffic on Mass will decrease.

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Songs With the Name of A State or City In Their Title or Lyrics

Brent Berry also does a song called "Lawrence, KS." Saw it at The Bottleneck on NYE last year. Not sure it is available online anywhere, but I might have a recording of it.

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Coalition of parents working to address underage drinking

I think it should be pointed out that although you can vote and enlist at 18 but not drink, most 18 year olds do not vote or enlist. Maybe a balance would be that if you vote and join the military at 18, then you can drink too.

More to the point, I think progress will be made not when parents "warn" their kids, but when they lead by example. If liquor is a part of everyday life for parents, it will become a part of everyday for their kids as soon as possible. Same is probably true for any number of other issues that come up.

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