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Well said.

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Trash carts get a push

Does anyone know the cost of an "independent" audit? Would it be "independent" if still paid for by city tax dollars? Or would the City Auditor's already completed audit suffice?

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Unfair plan

Wouldn't it be great if every neighbor on your street used a different trash service that rolled huge trash trucks down your street on different days, every week and month all year?

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Statehouse Live: Kobach touts voter ID law; Democrats say it will deprive legitimate votes

I am sad to read that Kobach equates the right to vote with the purchase of Drano.

In all seriousness, it isn't a bad idea to require photo ID at some point in the registration and/or voting process, as long as there are protections for people who cannot afford photo ID (i.e. free photo ID). The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly against use of a poll tax.

That said, if Brownback were serious in getting this law implemented sooner than it January 2013 as passed, he should get Kobach to stop talking about it. Every time Kobach opens his mouth, he makes a less convincing case.

To wit:

Using a case study of a special election in Cimarron, KS (pop. 2200) in which only 464 people actually voted ( ) and included only 1 instance of a lack of voter ID isn't really representative of anything, other than that election determined that a majority of voters were in favor of adding 1.25% to the local sales tax to finance the construction of a new swimming pool.


Kobach also told the committee that in his review of the 2010 election, he has found 41 instances of voter fraud which includes people who voted twice and felons who voted. He said all those cases have been referred to local prosecutors, but he added for some reason none of the cases have been charged yet.

As we can see from Kobach's own website (KS Sec. of State -, 857,631 people voted in the 2010 general election, slightly less than 50% of the total number of registered voters in the state. Of that number, 41 "instances of voter fraud" occurred (0.005%), though "for some reason" none have been charged yet. Why? Also, how do photo IDs prevent voters from voting twice or prevent felons from voting? I've served as a poll worker in three elections (2006 primary, 2006 general, 2008 general). A photo ID would not have informed me that a voter was a felon or that that person may have voted earlier or somewhere else.

Even more:

He also said that by matching various databases, he has found 32 instances of aliens being registered to vote. He said his office is in the process of trying to remove them from the voter registration lists, but first must contact them to see if a mistake has been made.

So Kobach found 32 instances of aliens being registered to vote, except that he's really only identified 32 possible instances, as he has not yet contacted them to see if a mistake has been made.

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'Robin Hood in reverse:' Brownback's plan would raise taxes paid by poorest Kansans

Here is a story from Steve Jobs about turning in Coke bottles for the nickel deposit to buy food and walking seven miles to a Hindu temple for his one good meal each week, then starting a company in a garage.

Here is a description of Sam Walton's youth:

Maybe "job creators" do come from all tax brackets?

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Town Talk: Signs that Dillons demo is about to begin; Olive Garden pursuing national strategy of local tax breaks; more on city trash and recycling

I think a very important distinction on the question of mandatory recycling in Wichita is that while the City Council rejected mandatory recycling for all residents, all private trash services are required to offer single-stream recycling as an option to all residents.

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City commissioners want code language to limit artificial turf for commercial, multifamily projects

I am OK with allowing artificial turf as long as all materials associated with its use are 100% recyclable and the owner provides a full life cycle report on its purchase, use and disposal.

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Teachers’ hours

If teachers live such a lavish, comfortable life, why don't more people want to be teachers?

April 22, 2011 at 11:51 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Tax challenge

I noticed the Bay Leaf has an online store.

Maybe online shopping is not the problem for downtown retailers?

Offering the exact same products you can get anywhere else is the problem. Downtown Lawrence should offer a unique shopping and entertainment experience. What can you get downtown right now that you can't get anywhere else?

April 19, 2011 at 2:40 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Lawrence losing shoppers

Developing more of the same shopping outlets in Lawrence will not attract Topeka/KC shoppers. Lawrence needs to differentiate from those places to attract new business.

A downtown pedestrian mall, as floated earlier by Commissioner Johnson is a great way to offer something different.

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