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Ex-LHS star Dorian Green fast-tracked to D-I assistant coach

Does this article even mention what school he's coaching at??

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KU freshman Rio Adams to transfer

J.R. Giddens comes to mind. He transferred to New Mexico and got drafted late 1st/ early 2nd I believe. 2008 maybe? I don't think he's still in the NBA

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Mayor wants more information on KU-Fritzel agreements before final approval of rec center plan

This is becoming the new South Lawrence Trafficway...

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Family and friends remember LHS math teacher Debra Green

RIP Mrs. Green. I had her for Algebra II at LHS, she was a very sweet woman with a love for education.

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A Devil, you say: Ottawa standout Semi Ojeleye says Duke best fit

He's as big as KU's power forwards (Ellis, Traylor, and bigger than Young). You really have no idea what you're talking about

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Opinion: Mark Mangino to UK makes sense

Keegan's opening sentences never cease to amaze. They ALWAYS:
1. Are way too long
2. Have 13 commas, colons, etc.
3. Take 11 read-throughs to even get what he's trying to say

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Police Officer Kills Jamaican Woman For Cursing


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Concerns mount over future of Varsity House

Yeah it's too bad the original rotting, delapidated siding and roofing won't remain, it had soo much historical value... And as for moving the structure in one piece: Do you realize what that would have entailed? Removing power lines, sections of those massive trees along the street, stop lights all along the route out of town, etc., let's think about the logistics of this, and who else they would have pissed off given the alternative options.

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Alumni couple give $1 million to KU law school

Poor people gonna bitch.

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