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Which of these comfort foods is your weakness?

Soups...year round. But especially on days/nights like this! Red Lentil with thai red curry paste, Hungarian Mushroom, Poblano Chipotle Corn Chowder, Spicy Sun-dried Tomato Stew, Chipotle 13 Bean Stew, Homemade Cream of Tomato (sometimes with pasta)...just to name a few of current favorites.

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Heard on the Hill: Kansas Athletics Inc. uses retirees to check student attendance; university revolving green funds gaining popularity; Toni Morrison 24-hour reading session scheduled for Feb. 17

The attendance checks aren't necessarily reliable. I've been told by KU students that frequently an athlete will check in with the person noting attendance, walk in the door and then walk right out the other door. "On paper" it appears that they are attending class, but in reality they aren't.

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Name change

Could not have said it any better!!!

And isn't capital outlay where money comes from for maintenence? If that's correct, then you are talking about spending money that is needed other places that certainly should have priority.

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Time to reinvent the college experience

I would hope that students have learned time management and self-discipline skills well before entering college. I know that as a parent I began teaching these skills when my kids were preschoolers (and before)...and continued throughout their growing up. I think that without these skills it's difficult to be successful moving through elementary, junior high & high school. How can someone possibly be prepared to be successful in college without having these skills?

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Barbara Billingsley, mother on ‘Leave It to Beaver,’ dies

I think that every working person with a family, whether male or female, could use a "wife" at home taking care of running the household. Imagine how less stressful life could be... :-) :-> :-]

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Authors: Technology is harming kids’ independence, initiative

What we need to teach our children is to learn, to think and to problem solve.

And to be active in dealing with whatever may come their way in life. Teach them to look beyond the obvious. To be loving & considerate. To be adventurous. To be courageous. In addition to being kind, generous & compassionate human beings. And to be playful & fun loving. To be thoughtful.

And along the way, teach them to be aware of how technology can be a great tool. To use it as the tool it can be...teach them to use technology to become better, but not less. Specifically...less independent, less initiative, less thinking, less active, less interacting, less imaginative, less productive, etc.

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Campus couture: College style has evolved over the years

I have daughters at KU and they...or any of their not own any of these type of shorts...not one pair. And when I asked about them, their response was laughter. Which I've learned means they wouldn't be caught dead wearing them. But then they feel the same way about polo shirts with "popped" collars...which apparently is also a fashion among certain groups. To each their own.

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City won't open outdoor pool Saturday due to lack of lifeguards

It's not like there isn't a pool available for swimming. People who really want to swim today can use the Indoor Aquatic Center. And with the cooler temperature today that pool would probably be more comfortable anyway.

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Head lice head back to school, too

A comment heard recently..."I drive miles out of my way to buy local organic fresh produce and now I'm having to marinate my child's head in pesticides" "How's that for ironic"

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First ‘Final Friday’ attracts artsy crowd

Except for the dinner reservations, this is exactly what I was thinking. Viewing before dinner would also add to dinner conversation. I understand wanting to take an "after meal stroll", but sometimes one must make adjustments. :)

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