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City Commission OKs closing part of Mass. St. for car show

It's not like Mass. Street will be closed 6th thru 13th streets. Now THAT would make access difficult. :-)

Though not impossible if one really wanted to get downtown :-)

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City Commission OKs closing part of Mass. St. for car show

The reasoning behind the objection of the Lawrence Downtown, Inc just doesn't make sense to me. Closing Mass. Street between 11th & 13th Streets still leaves plenty of access to the downtown area. On the west, turning right off of Kentucky street on any street between 11th & 6th streets will take a person directly downtown. On the east, New Hampshire & Connecticut streets provide easy access to a number of east/west streets that also will take a person directly downtown. Coming across the bridge from the north? Well...there's Vermont street directly ahead...which also accesses east/west streets that will take you directly downtown. Just where is the difficulty getting downtown here? stands to reason that this event will draw people who otherwise wouldn't be in downtown Lawrence. And it's likely these people will take time to venture into the actual downtown enjoy themselves and possibly spend money. At the very least this event will raise much needed funds for a worthy cause. It will also provide an enjoyable venue for car enthusiasts. Both of which can bring about positive feelings towards Lawrences' downtown community. Which brings the opportunity for increased business for our downtown merchants, either on that day or on future days.

Again...the objection makes no sense to me.

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Making profits on food a 'gamble'

When ethanol became available locally, I called my mechanic and asked questions about using it in the vehicles. Was told not to use it if I really cared about maintaining the engine for long term use (which I do). But if I insisted on burning fuel with ethanol to at least change the type of oil used to help off set problems caused...something about excess water created inside of engine when fuel burned...don't remember the exact details. I decided to not change...any money saved now potentially spent later on repairs.

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2011 Focus Film Festival crowns winners

I'm interested in seeing these films. Is there a source for viewing them?

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Lawrence City Commission to consider changes to parking lot in 1000 block of Vermont

52 weeks in a year...5 "business" days a week = 260 weekday days a year...divide $195.00 by 260 and you get 75. That makes a day of parking cost 75 cents per day for these passes. Hopefully city hall will realize that 75 cents a day would be a considerable slap in the face to the public. (have to admit I don't have a lot of hope about that though)

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Pianist Alpin Hong takes playful approach to sharing classical music

He looks so completely joyful!!

I'm wanting to attend this concert.

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Church uses ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ to teach timeless lessons

Everyone involved benefited tremendously. (spelling!)

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Church uses ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ to teach timeless lessons

What do you mean by "the deal between Aunt Bea and Andy"?

Andy was a widower with a small child. Aunt Bea was an older single female family member. Both had life challenges to cope with and were able to help one another. Andy was in a situation of having lost his wife, the mother of his son...he was in need of someone to run the household & care for a child. Aunt Bea was in need of "a purpose"...something to give her reason to begin each day...she needed to "be needed" feel contribute. This was set during a time when several things were different from current times. People were more inclined to help others, even when it meant making changes in their personal lives...especially family. Older women weren't necessarily raised to be or encouraged to be "independant" and live life independantly. It was considered important to have an adult presense fulltime in the household where children were living...usually a female. It wasn't unusual to have multi-generational households.

Aunt Bea moving in with Andy & Opie created a "family unit" better able to deal with life. A support system. A family. Everyone involved benefited tremdously.

They all lived a better & receiving love.

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First Bell: Three more board candidates ready to chat online; candidate forum set for tonight; volunteers sought for 'food backpack' program

Good to know that there are other providers making quality meals for "their kids". People couldn't believe how well I fed my daycare kids. One mom called to check if what her 3 year old was telling her was correct...did I really make waffles for breakfast, not from a box from the freezer. Another to ask about that days lunch...her daughter was telling her that she liked pork chops...surely that wasn't true...daycare kids getting pork chops for lunch. (they weren't ever on the menu at home) Tax preparer insisted that my food expenditures weren't high enough, even after showing receipts. I found that cooking from scratch was key...rarely served prepackaged foods. And it's really not that difficult or time consuming with preparation & organization...and smart shopping...and the right recipes. I just flat out refused to feed my daycare kids differently than how I fed my own kids.

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