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Escaped sex offender captured Tuesday in Oread neighborhood

Employees with LJWorld listen to police scanners. Someone is always listening to it so they can be on top of the story. This is not an assumption, it is fact.

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Going to Maple Leaf? Here’s what you need to know

The easiest way to get to the parking area for the Baldwin High School from 56 highway is looking for the high school signs directing you to turn to the north on Eisenhower. It's a few blocks down and past the first stop sign (Quayle St.) you come to.

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Eudora mayor endorses Holland, criticizes Brown

I know for a fact that Brown worked diligently on Cables for Cainan. Hopson is an idiot.

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‘Survivor’ contestant from Shawnee back home, guarding secret

Don't bother to look at "eiuwmnsdfj" suggested websites. They are product advertisements and have nothing to do about the "Survivor" article.

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Former Lawrence police officer charged with DUI

Are you a trooper? If not, then how do you know for sure if they "regulary" patrol highways?

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Rural Baldwin City woman's vehicle rolls during brief police chase

What a whiner!! Who gives a rats back side about a name in the story. Read the story and understand what the article is telling you and paint the picture. It doesn't matter if the name is Bozo the Clown.

Naming a person in an article only lets you know if it is a person you know or not. That's what it really boils down to. If it is a name you don't recognize, then you most likely will not care. If it is someone you know, you are shocked and in disbelief.

In the end, whether you know the name or not, your going to stereotype anyway, which is what most of these comments are about. People speculate and think they know the truth, which is how gossip starts.

So, Dennis.....don't worry about it. These people are whiners.

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Sound Off: Is Christmas always on Sunday?

For accident purposes it is where the "First harmful event" occurrs. Therefore, when damage was caused to your vehicle, you were in Douglas Co. The skid marks caused no damage.

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Report: Overbrook woman fell asleep before fatal accident on U.S. Highway 56

Yes, I would talk that way face to face, but probably not in the tone that this comment shows. It is always easier to write these comments because a person has time to think about it. When having a conversation face to face, some people cannot fire back as easy as others, like myself. but either way I would have corrected this individual and said my peace.

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Report: Overbrook woman fell asleep before fatal accident on U.S. Highway 56

FREESTATEFAN, you're obviously still in highschool with a username like that and not attuned to what goes on in the real world yet.

You read way too much into this. (1) 1PM?....Not an unusual time to take naps. Sure, she shouldn't have been driving if she was sleepy. (2) Who cares who owns the car? That has nothing to do with an accident. It obviously wasn't stolen. (3) Grandma had a valid license. That's why she was driving. (4) Why does it matter if the passengers have a valid license? A passenger is not required to have a driver's license. (5) DUI or other felony? Blood work is taken in all major accidents, so if alcohol was involved, it would have been in the papers. A felony? Again, the car wasn't reported stolen and the cops haven't suspected her of robbing a bank or dealing drugs. (6) Fishy? Yeah, Grandma meant to wreck the van and kill her daughter.

Freestatefan, loser to LHSFAN, try not to be so negative and have more of an open mind.

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Open-saloon charges filed against Baldwin City bar owner

Unbelievable! Did anyone stop to think that maybe someone in Baldwin is doing their job? You may think that the PD has a "bone to pick" with someone but maybe they are just doing their job.

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