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Drug investigation nets 81 arrests in northeast Kansas

Because it builds the case to show that it takes more than one person to bring in the drugs and money. When you have an informant that knows the ins and outs, they can be very reliable. Agencies don't want to go after just one person when they can take down several others, which takes time and patience. At some point they decide to quit when they think they have all the players or if they think they've been tipped off and have to act quickly.

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Lawrence man charged in federal court with the illegal sale of eagle feathers

Dead or not, found or killed, the law states it is illegal to posses the bird or parts of the bird. Possessing covers picking up the feathers and placing them back on the ground. So technically, touching the bird, dead or alive, can or could be a crime.

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Former police sergeant's federal lawsuit against city alleges racial discrimination, wrongful termination

You can't tell me that you or anyone else that makes a post on this site has broken a policy. If you say you haven't, your #$#@ liar. Policy's are a guideline and sometimes broken for good reasons. I'm not saying fixing a ticket is a good reason, but everyone makes it sound like Monroe committed murder and should be held hanged. Policys are put in place because someone did something at some point to have the policy created, which allows the employer to take action if need be. Is there recourse for all policy's that are broken? NO. If you or anyone else thinks so, I have ocean front property hear in Kansas for you to buy.
Fixing a ticket is not a huge deal that everyone makes it out to be. It basically means the city did not get any money from the violator. It's no different than a cop giving out warning instead of issuing a ticket. If the wool has been pulled over your eyes and you have been unaware, its a courtesy that cops have about writing other people tickets, whether its another cop that was pulled over, their grandmother, or a friend. Its been done for years and will continue to be done, where one cop asks another, "Hey, I've known this guy for years...." or "I grew up with this guy my whole life and he's a real nice guy....". Whatever the reason, it happens and will continue to happen. In this case, it was over event tickets. You people are sore that you got the ticket and had to pay it and weren't lucky enough to know a cop.

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Former police sergeant's federal lawsuit against city alleges racial discrimination, wrongful termination

sycho, Those are only allegations the department claimed against Monroe. This was not a court trial where he was found guilty of those allegations. So "Yes", you have no clue of what actually occurred. So you obviously believe everything your hear or read. You should know by now in your elderly mind that what ever is written is not always true. Its someones interpretation of the truth or their views of what happened. Take for instance the weatherman.... you probably beileve every word they say. tisk, tisk

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Former police sergeant's federal lawsuit against city alleges racial discrimination, wrongful termination

You people have no clue what actualy happened, but yet you have condemed a man for what you believe is gospel from the media's mouth. He might admit to fixing a ticket, but from the request of Sarna. Monroe might have had the ability to fix the ticket, to where Sarna did not. Sarna's friend was issued a ticket and Monroe helped his friend (Sarna). It gets no more detailed than that, but yet you say he broke the law. There was no law broken here, maybe policy, if it is so written in the departments policy.

Everyone is quick to degrade a cop because he is held to a higher moral, but heaven forbid we hate the fireman, cause they save lives you know. ....and cops don't?

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Lawrence police patrolling for seat belt violations Tuesday

The big push is from KDOT. The more tickets written, the more funds a participating department can get from KDOT for a job well done.

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Eudora submitting bid for pedestrian walkway over K-10

To "ksarmychick"---
You obviously don't live in Eudora. If you lived in Eudora, then you would know how important it is to have the bridge. It has been talked about for years and I am glad to see headway on this project. The bridge does not go "from no where to no where", it connects homes to business and schools. This is not a vehicle bridge, it's a foot bridge and serves a great purpose. Re-think your comment about it being the "biggest waste of money ever". If you live here then you would know how important it is to have the bridge.

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About 10 a.m. Thursday, a U.S. Postal Service truck was involved in a two-vehicle accident in North

What makes you assume texting was involved? These types of accidents occurred before cell phones and can happen for numerous reasons.

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Illinois woman receives one year of probation in case where children were bound and blindfolded in parking lot

"We, the voting public, are held reponsible and untimately accountable for voting the judges in or out." - Since when does a voter's vote count on voting out a judge? If an overwhelming majority of the people voted against a judge, it does not mean they lose their job. It only makes a statement that the judge is not well liked. And why is it so important to know who the judge is? So you can bash 'em by name?
Get a life you endless poster.....

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Webb leaving Eudora football to coach in Independence, Mo.

“Maybe curiosity, maybe ego..."

It's the EGO!

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