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Kansas River above flood stage after storms; Topeka pump station dumps untreated wastewater

Your anger to the point of childish name calling that is very offensive shows your lack of education. Perhaps growing up will help you?

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City struggles to interpret Wicked Broadband's finances as it considers $300k loan guarantee

If Wicked isn't willing to turn over their books it explains why they can't get a loan from a bank. Why would the process be any different when trying to get a "loan" from the city? You do not hand over $300k to anyone without proving, amongst a lot of other things, their ability to repay. Banks claw and fight for business loans because competition is so fierce, if they had the qualifications a bank would have jumped all over it by now.

"Red Flags" doesn't even scratch the surface.

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City monitoring concrete cracking at Rock Chalk Park recreation center

I am commenting because Bob Forer made a valid point. We are, as we should be, outraged by this. The citizens of Lawrence should be angry and demanding better/more thurough explainations than it appears we are receiving.

This is not ok, answers/explanation and course of action given is not ok! As a tax payer, registered voter and one whom votes, it is not ok. What a mess!!!!!

Our houshold cannot wait until it is time to express the only way we know how at the dissatisfaction the job of City Manager and City Comissioners when election time rolls around again.

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Kansas has high rate of vacant foreclosed homes

The article is merely stating that 31% of foreclosed properties in the state of Kansas are unoccupied. Meaning 69% of homes that are under forclosure are still occupied. The article is not about banks or the process of foreclosing!

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Amazon closing distribution plant in Kansas

It has to make sense to have a distribution center in the middle of the nation, for ground shipping and transfer of merchandise? It's half way to everywhere! Give them all the perks they are requesting and save those jobs! That many loss of jobs in that area will be crippling! They vote in Coffeyville too! "We the people" of Kansas are screaming for leadership that is working FOR THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

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Report: Paul Davis was at rural Kansas strip club raided by police in 1998

Did Brownback by chance hire a good ole boy named Kenneth Starr???? takes a decade to come up with anything, will cost you millions and all you will have in the end is a BJ story! Stick to real news and facts that actually matter and beware of smoke screens and mirrors! Making "he made a bad decision so not right for Kansas" staetments can only blow up in Gov Brownback's face.

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Iwig Family Dairy seeking $650,000 in donations to stave off liquidation

I hope your employer is made aware of you disclosing information about their bankruptcy. What code of ethics are you following that you would bring up or disclose ANY detail, small or large, about their bankruptcy??? If you are self-employed I hope clients discontinue employing your services. Maybe you can get a job on the milk farm!

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Professor getting death threats over NRA tweet, colleagues support his free-speech rights

crimanal minded or mentally disturbed gun toting individuals......does that make my point any easier for you to absorb???

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Professor getting death threats over NRA tweet, colleagues support his free-speech rights

Sooooooooo only free speech if it doesn't hurt anyones feelings or ruffle any feathers??? WHAT???

Free speech is free speech, the second piece of that life lesson is accepting and handling the consequences that may follow....

If you are in a position to educate my children please don't teach them that they only have the right to voice happy thoughts and opinions.

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