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Bishop Seabury receives FEMA grant to build safe room

Wow! The irony astounds me! I wonder how many parents of students at BSA are Republicans who are screaming mad about federal tax dollars being wasted on pet projects but when it's FEMA money for a safe room for their kids at their PRIVATE school they think it is okay! Why in the world is $400K in federal money being spent on a safe room at a private school in Lawrence, KS? I'm sure Brownslack will ask them to return the money when he finds out.

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Lawrence man, 53, injured in fight outside Jazzhaus, flown to KC hospital

That is a ridiculous statement! The Jazzhaus just celebrated its 30th anniversary and they will continue celebrating many more years!

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Sound Off: I’m confused about how the city elects its mayor. How does the process work?

Thank you for your accurate summary! I don't know why these people are making such a fuss. I actually think it is better that the authority & decision-making is distributed across the entire city commission instead of granting the mayor of Lawrence additional authority. The popular vote still elects the city commissioners so the current process is still influenced by the will of the (voting) people.

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KU student arrested on DUI, reckless driving charges after car crashes into residence

I believe it is relevant considering we live in a city which is literally & figuratively centered around the University. Besides, when a 21 yr old drives while intoxicated and crashes their car into a house on Tennessee St there's a pretty good chance a KU student was involved.

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City seeks ideas for skate park

Lawrence Parks & Rec is seeking public input as to what should be included when they rebuild Deerfield Park. They held a meeting last night at Deerfield Elementary to get ideas from the community.

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City seeks ideas for skate park

By the way, Centennial Park is a city park which includes a playground & swing set, a disc golf course, a skate park, walking trails, and a gazebo with picnic tables. When is the last time you even set foot in Centennial Park?

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City seeks ideas for skate park

Reality? Oh, I know it well. When I was a small kid I started skateboarding on a cheap plastic skateboard and when I was a skate punk in high school I saved up my OWN money to buy my decks, wheels, rails, pads, etc, and I still have the last skateboard I put together 25 years later! You don't need $40 shirts, $150 skater shoes, etc. to skate! Clearly you are out of your element in this discussion. And many others. If you had clearly read the article you would know that the city has budgeted $125,000 to design AND build the skatepark. And as a series of concrete bowls and ramps the upkeep will be minimal. Perhaps you are the one who needs to get a grip on reality?!?

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City seeks ideas for skate park

Consumer1 doesn't appear to know much of the skating ethos. Having an attendant and charging to use the skate park would discourage kids from using it, especially underprivileged ones. The idea of this park is to give ALL kids in Lawrence a great location to exercise and be outside! I looked at the project pictures from the WhoSkates website and am really impressed with what the city is considering for this upgrade. Gone are the days of putting a few steel ramps on a concrete slab. Instead they are talking about building a genuine skate park with concrete bowls and ramps and lots of rails! Something this town should have done years ago. My best skateboarding days may be over but I still like to get out my old Tony Hawk and cruise around the skate park every once in a while, and this upgrade will definitely get me over there again, and again, and again!

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7-year sentence given for bath salts

"Federal prosecutors had argued the substance was similar to the chemical structure of an illegal substance and that it has a similar effect on the human body."

So, exactly how is this stuff "kind of" against the law??? I suspect an appeal is warranted here.

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Repaving project on Kansas River bridge to disrupt downtown Lawrence traffic

If you hadn't seen them working on it last fall there was a lot of rusted re-bar in the bridge deck of both bridges and since this wasn't a complete bridge rebuild they jack-hammered out the bad sections and rebuilt the bridge deck. Now they are ready to re-pave both bridges.

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