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Kansas Senate, House override Brownback's veto of rules for firms like Uber

This is funny if for nothing but the fact that Brownslack's own conservative Republican legislators just thumbed their nose at him for what seems like the first time since he entered office. But seriously, if Uber doesn't want to play by the State's rules for regulated taxi service then as far as I'm concerned they can go play somewhere else. The experiences I had with Uber in Orlando, FL were good and not so good, with some very nice cars and some not so nice/safe cars, and some very professional drivers & some not so great drivers that didn't know their way around Orlando, (even while using their GPS device)! But the bigger problem is how Uber treats their drivers as contract employees to avoid having to cover employee benefits like health insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, etc.

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Gov. Brownback: Not everyone always agrees with me

What misinformation? If you're going to claim the $13,000/student expenditures you need to disclose that a substantial portion of those dollars go to help fund KPERS, cover building maintenance, & other costs. That does not translate to dollars being spent in the classrooms. And that makes a huge difference when you're dealing with shrinking budgets at the district level, which is why several KS school districts are closing early this year despite the negative impact it will have on those students. As noted by the Kansas Association of School Boards, "The remaining one-quarter of total school funding looks much different. This includes KPERS pension contributions made by the state for local school employees, which pass through school budgets but cannot be used for regular operating costs or current salaries."

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Farmer elected to serve as mayor; Boley, Herbert, Soden take seats on City Commission

Why? The mayor's role is more of an honorary title for ceremonies and proclamations than anything else.

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Citing changing times and 'growing losses,' KU announces Jaybowl will close

Although I am very sad to hear that the Jaybowl will be closing the rambling post above makes very little sense. There is already an entrance into the Kansas Union from Mississippi Street and has been for many years. And the Kansas Memorial Unions, which operates as a separate entity from the University, needs to generate income in order to remain a functional part of the KU campus. I would think most people would be pleased that they don't rely on tax dollars to support their mission. And if you truly want to know how much the Kansas Union staff get paid I suggest you check out the job postings on their website where you'll see that the pay rates are comparable with other employers in Lawrence.

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Bill restricting sex ed moved forward by Kansas House panel

These state legislators sure are good at keeping busy making laws we don't need instead of fixing our budget & education problems. And this coming from the conservative Republicans who rant about wanting smaller government and a government that doesn't intrude on their constitutional rights...until they have some moral objection to a policy or process in which case it is perfectly acceptable for them to push their morality and restrictions on other citizens. Look at Colorado where they moved to make birth control free and as a result they have significantly reduced their rate of teen pregnancy. In contrast, this legislation will result in a significant increase in the rate of teen pregnancies and STDs, coupled with very little funding for local health departments or Planned Parenthood facilities to accommodate the increased number of patients.

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KU SafeRide to operate tonight

Shouldn't that be 2:30AM Thursday rather than PM?

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Under scrutiny for Koch connection, KU director sues over records; judge blocks release

Art Hall says he is "acting to protect academic freedom" but in reality he's really trying to protect "a privately funded economics research center at Kansas University". If Hall is saying that no one at Koch is telling him what to teach why doesn't he want to have his e-mails related to KU and the Koch brothers released?

KU is a public institution funded in part by State taxpayers so that trumps any privacy protections that would normally be applicable to this privately funded economic research center. Plus this student group paid KU's $1,800 fee for this open records request and are thereby entitled to the information KU plans to release. The Koch brothers' influence on business teachings at KU should be scrutinized for the sake of academic freedom. Their cash-backed influence may be completely legal but KU Students in the School of Business should at least be informed of the Koch's influence over what they are being taught.

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Editorial: Recycling start

Fred Jr., I completely disagree with your assessment of our city's new recycling program and your attempt to associate our city government with the Nazis is absurd, outdated, and rude.
* Curbside recycling is a benefit for the entire community as it will reduce the amount of waste going into our local landfill, which we all pay for, and will pay even more for when it is full and a new landfill must be constructed. We're all consumers of goods so I believe the costs for trash pickup and recycling should be shared by all.
* The cost being charged by the City is less than half of what I had been paying to Deffenbaugh for their curbside services, and they didn't accept glass so I still had to drive somewhere to recycle my glass which added to my fuel costs and put more traffic on our fine City's streets.
* As a progressive college-town it is about time Lawrence provided low-cost curbside recycling services to the Lawrence community thereby encouraging individual citizens to increase the amount of products they recycle instead of throwing them away. This will be further enhanced by recycling bins which will be located downtown on the sidewalks along with the existing trash cans.
* The city’s Solid Waste Task Force provided numerous opportunities for Lawrence's citizens to express their thoughts & provide input regarding this new recycling process so unless you showed up to one or more of those forums you don't have the right to complain about our elected officials performing their jobs on behalf of our community.

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4.4 magnitude earthquake shakes southern Kansas

Whoa! Another significant earthquake in Kansas but Brownslack still doesn't believe that the companies pumping millions of gallons of water & chemicals into the ground had anything to do with it! Maybe when one of those earthquakes destroys some of the Koch Brother's facilities he'll reassess his position. No way, he'll probably blame it on Obama!
As if Brownback would actually appoint anyone to his fracking panel that would question the oil & gas industry's conclusion that fracking isn't harming anyone. Just look at how many earthquakes Oklahoma has had this past year compared to previous years, or compared to California! Where are the scientists with natural explanations for that sudden substantial uptick in the frequency of earthquakes in the Midwest???

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Brownback appoints former aide Stegall to Kansas Supreme Court

Yep, that would have been a more honest approach. This is another sad example of how Brownslack has operated as Governor of this fine state. This announcement was certainly expected but it is still sad to see it play out like this. Come November let's make damn sure this will be the ONLY State Supreme Court nominee Brownslack gets to appoint!

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