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Appeals court: Kansas Constitution protects abortion rights

Yes indeed! I believe their name "Kansans for Life" should include the phrase "but only the ones we care about" in order to be truthful! As for their intentions to target the removal of judges from the Kansas Court of Appeals who voted against the law, the rest of us more reasonable people need to work to RETAIN those judges and challenge the other seven who voted to uphold this unconstitutional law!

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Legislators blast $20 million deal for power plant in Topeka

Holy cow! That is a bad business deal no matter how you look at it! It went from an estimate of $9 million to an actual price tag of $19.92 million on a 15 year contract, with $3 million+ going to BofA!!! And they thought the Legislature wouldn't notice?!?! Finally some of the Republicans are starting to rise up against Brownslack and his devious administration!

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Kansas Turnpike to increase tolls to fund projects

While I support the KTA for doing such a wonderful job maintaining the KS Turnpike this rate increase really ticks me off knowing that Brownslack decided to combine the KTA and KDOT in 2013!!! Are we really supposed to believe that the KTA's revenue stream from tolls won't be tapped by KDOT? This rate increase is especially painful because I now commute 40 miles to work in downtown KCMO, for a company based in Boston, after being laid off at KU last summer due to budget cuts! I'm a perfect example of how poorly Brownslack's fiscal plan is working for the citizens of our beloved State!!!

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Brownback signs budget; claims success in 2015 session

Indeed! He truly is delusional about the fiscal condition of our State!!! If Brownslack thinks this record-long boondoggle of a legislative session was a "success" I can't imagine what he would have considered to be a legislative "failure"; a political Chernobyl?!? And he blatantly lied again about the reality of our state's finances & taxes and our State's ability to recover from the massive tax cuts he and the Kochs orchestrated, before extorting legislators to retain those tax cuts in the next budget! Of course he still found a way to blame it on the "lethargic" national economy, i.e., his "Blame it on Obama!" answer to seemingly any issues he faces! And he continues to claim this despite the fact that many other states' economies have been improving more rapidly than Kansas! What a joke!

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Kansas Democrats unveil short-term budget to avoid furloughs

Seriously??? "The rest of us"? So you don't know anyone who works for our fine State? And you don't use ANY services provided by the State?!?!? Your comments are an insult to myself and the many thousands of other State workers who do work very hard, and often make far less working for the state than our counterparts in the private sector. Our personal lives & finances are in flux because of this embarrassment of a State Legislature we have in Topeka who can't do their job which is to pass a reasonable budget. Plus your math is wrong. The article states that $96 million would cover the next two pay periods which are each two weeks long. So $48 million covers two weeks.

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DUI check lane yields three arrests, multiple citations

What people haven't figured it out? If you read the article you will see that only three of the arrests were for possible DUI. The rest of the charges were for open container, drug possession, minor in possession of alcohol, driving without insurance, and driving with a suspended license. While all of these are illegal that is pretty tame for a college town like Lawrence on the Friday night of graduation weekend!

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Kansas Senate blocks strong beer in supermarkets

Wow! I know we're in Kansas but that's a fairly extreme stance on alcohol, especially for 2015! Do we need to? No. But some businesses/groups WANT to offer alcohol at their events, and plenty of adults want to attend events where they can enjoy a glass or two of wine or beer.

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Kansas lawmakers frustrated as session heads into overtime

They are frustrated??? Seriously? How about the citizens of Kansas who have been screwed left & right by Brownslack and his good ol' boy legislators??? How about our frustration about losing jobs, benefits, social services, funding for the education of our children and our peers, neighbors, relatives, etc? I am appalled at the arrogance of those Republican legislators for complaining about their frustrations about fixing the state's budget woes when they are the very people who got us into this mess by approving Brownslack's absurd tax policies!

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Kansas Senate, House override Brownback's veto of rules for firms like Uber

This is funny if for nothing but the fact that Brownslack's own conservative Republican legislators just thumbed their nose at him for what seems like the first time since he entered office. But seriously, if Uber doesn't want to play by the State's rules for regulated taxi service then as far as I'm concerned they can go play somewhere else. The experiences I had with Uber in Orlando, FL were good and not so good, with some very nice cars and some not so nice/safe cars, and some very professional drivers & some not so great drivers that didn't know their way around Orlando, (even while using their GPS device)! But the bigger problem is how Uber treats their drivers as contract employees to avoid having to cover employee benefits like health insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, etc.

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Gov. Brownback: Not everyone always agrees with me

What misinformation? If you're going to claim the $13,000/student expenditures you need to disclose that a substantial portion of those dollars go to help fund KPERS, cover building maintenance, & other costs. That does not translate to dollars being spent in the classrooms. And that makes a huge difference when you're dealing with shrinking budgets at the district level, which is why several KS school districts are closing early this year despite the negative impact it will have on those students. As noted by the Kansas Association of School Boards, "The remaining one-quarter of total school funding looks much different. This includes KPERS pension contributions made by the state for local school employees, which pass through school budgets but cannot be used for regular operating costs or current salaries."

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