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KU newspaper's fee revenue won't be restored following Student Senate vote

What do you actually know about the UDK??? When was the last time you read it, in print or online? As a former KU student I know the UDK has an obvious role to inform KU students of stories that are focused on student life at KU but it is also exists to educate future journalists how to write, design, sell advertising, etc., for a newspaper! When I worked for KU Printing Services during the early 90s I helped print the UDK and was damn proud to do it!

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Lawrence High School teacher named Kansas Master Teacher

I know there are many wonderful teachers in Lawrence but I'm very happy to see Keri get recognition for her exceptional efforts as a teacher at LHS!

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Kansas Supreme Court: Law on sobriety tests unconstitutional

I believe if you fail a field sobriety test or exhibit other behavior consistent with driving under the influence they can still arrest you for a DUI but they can't increase the penalties if you don't agree to a breathalyzer, and they can't tell you that you may face stiffer penalties for refusing to do a breathalyzer. But after they get an arrest warrant from a judge I think they can request you to take a breathalyzer or provide a blood sample for testing.

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Kansas Supreme Court: Law on sobriety tests unconstitutional

This sounds like a sound interpretation of our constitutional rights against illegal search & seizure but I bet these kinds of rulings are going to drive Justice Stegall crazy! If it's a 2nd Amendment issue these Republicant's will shout about how citizens' rights are being trampled on, but when it is another constitutional right that they don't agree with it is a completely different story coming out of their mouths!!!

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Kansas judge bars access to voting machine tapes

This is so frustrating!!! The paper results of an election should be one of the most obvious sources of data that should be available to the public to reassure all citizens that an election was legitimate and the results weren't tampered with!!! Especially given our knowledge of previous errors and issues with computer-based voting results!!! Unless Brownslack and his cronies in the Republican-dominated State legislature have something to hide!!!

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Kansas House rejects change in selecting high court justices

This is great news! Although it is a bit surprising given how dominant the Republicans are in the State legislature. Perhaps they are already starting to consider the impact their current votes will have on the next election!!!

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Appeals court: Kansas Constitution protects abortion rights

Yes indeed! I believe their name "Kansans for Life" should include the phrase "but only the ones we care about" in order to be truthful! As for their intentions to target the removal of judges from the Kansas Court of Appeals who voted against the law, the rest of us more reasonable people need to work to RETAIN those judges and challenge the other seven who voted to uphold this unconstitutional law!

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Legislators blast $20 million deal for power plant in Topeka

Holy cow! That is a bad business deal no matter how you look at it! It went from an estimate of $9 million to an actual price tag of $19.92 million on a 15 year contract, with $3 million+ going to BofA!!! And they thought the Legislature wouldn't notice?!?! Finally some of the Republicans are starting to rise up against Brownslack and his devious administration!

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Kansas Turnpike to increase tolls to fund projects

While I support the KTA for doing such a wonderful job maintaining the KS Turnpike this rate increase really ticks me off knowing that Brownslack decided to combine the KTA and KDOT in 2013!!! Are we really supposed to believe that the KTA's revenue stream from tolls won't be tapped by KDOT? This rate increase is especially painful because I now commute 40 miles to work in downtown KCMO, for a company based in Boston, after being laid off at KU last summer due to budget cuts! I'm a perfect example of how poorly Brownslack's fiscal plan is working for the citizens of our beloved State!!!

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Brownback signs budget; claims success in 2015 session

Indeed! He truly is delusional about the fiscal condition of our State!!! If Brownslack thinks this record-long boondoggle of a legislative session was a "success" I can't imagine what he would have considered to be a legislative "failure"; a political Chernobyl?!? And he blatantly lied again about the reality of our state's finances & taxes and our State's ability to recover from the massive tax cuts he and the Kochs orchestrated, before extorting legislators to retain those tax cuts in the next budget! Of course he still found a way to blame it on the "lethargic" national economy, i.e., his "Blame it on Obama!" answer to seemingly any issues he faces! And he continues to claim this despite the fact that many other states' economies have been improving more rapidly than Kansas! What a joke!

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