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Brownback appoints former aide Stegall to Kansas Supreme Court

Yep, that would have been a more honest approach. This is another sad example of how Brownslack has operated as Governor of this fine state. This announcement was certainly expected but it is still sad to see it play out like this. Come November let's make damn sure this will be the ONLY State Supreme Court nominee Brownslack gets to appoint!

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KU mourns death of expert on computer viruses

Mickey was a very gifted and kind individual who always went the extra mile to assist KU faculty, staff, and students with their computer needs. He had an incredibly strong & detailed understanding of statistical software in use at KU but he also knew how to explain it to an end-user in terms they could understand. He will be greatly missed by me and many more at KU.

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Cosmopolitics -- 05/16/14 at Fatso's

I'm not sure why this says they will start at 7pm. I'm guessing 10PM would be more likely. I'm very excited to have these very talented guys come back to rock Fatso's again!

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Today in Lawrence: Mike Gordon of Phish, horrific pizza with Ron Jeremy

You should correct the caption under the photo of Mike Gordon. Phish is still a band, Mike is still their bass player, and they just announced their summer 2014 tour. "Mike Gordon, formerly of Phish, and his band are at Liberty Hall tonight at 8 p.m."

There is nothing "formerly" about his status as their bass player!

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Bode named Kansas Master Teacher

Congratulations, John! This is an awesome accomplishment!

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Brownback to lead river float trip

Brownslack floating in the brown water of the Mighty Kaw! Sounds about right because if it smells like s*it it probably is!

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KU law graduate guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Missouri, sentenced to 120 days in prison

I agree that 120 days in jail seems pretty weak for his careless disregard for another's life but I'm not sure what the solution is for that because I also believe in giving people a second chance to do good with their lives. However, what is often overlooked in regard to such short jail/prison sentences is the likelihood of him serving a much longer prison sentence if he violates any of the restrictions imposed during his 5 years of probation. If he violates ANY of those conditions a judge can impose a prison sentence instead of continuing his probation.

And if he was that drunk and still chose to drive he may very well have some serious drinking issues, in which case his chances of avoiding all alcohol for the next 5 years seems pretty slim. I wish him the very best in that regard and hope he can turn his life around, but no matter what he does, for the rest of his life he will have to live with the fact that he took away another person's life, a parent's child, etc.

" He will also be required to abide by probation conditions, including refraining from consuming alcohol, attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and community service. After the 120 days in prison, prosecutors will ask that Domsch be placed on probation for five years."

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Black Flag -- 06/06/13 at Granada

It's great to see that Greg Ginn is still playing some Black Flag tunes but the whole idea behind punk rock is lost with ticket prices of $25/$30 for just two bands, especially when Greg plays in both bands and Henry Rollins isn't the vocalist. I think I paid $5 to see the original Black Flag and a few opening bands play in Topeka in `85, and punk shows at the Outhouse used to be even cheaper, like 5 bands for $4 or $5 .

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Kansans paying 2nd highest state sales tax in nation on groceries

Many Minnesotans joke about it being the Commonwealth of Minnesota because taxes are higher but the fine citizens of Minnesota receive many benefits that are made possible by that extra tax revenue. When I moved back to Kansas from Minnesota I had a great job that paid very well, and with regular overtime I made almost as much as I have been making working at KU since I received a promotion 3 years ago, but it took me 6 years just to get BACK to the level of earnings I had left behind in Minnesota! But with inflation and skyrocketing gas prices in reality I'm actually earning less than I did 10 years ago, and we have a second child to support on that income. I don't miss the winters but I do miss Minnesota's very healthy job market, great health care, their very active outdoor way of life, etc! And one more comment about the sales tax issue. MN doesn't tax most clothing that you buy either, and the lack of sales tax on food & clothing for a family of four does make a big difference.

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Kansans paying 2nd highest state sales tax in nation on groceries

When we lived in Minnesota unprepared foods which is most of what you buy at the grocery store are exempt from sales tax, but prepared foods like at a restaurant are still taxed.
And Minnesota doesn't charge sales tax on most clothing either! Which all makes a big difference for low & middle-income households!

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