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Kansas insurance commissioner encourages students to get coverage

You got off cheap then because had the claims been over that, you might have had to pay your full $500 deductible.

A lot of companies still offer $250 on comp and maybe even on collision too And I don't know many that make $1000 minimum deductible unless maybe you have a lot of claims so, that deductible amount is your choice.

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Farm accident kills Linwood man

Thoughts and Prayers to this nice family.

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CellFire Redeem and Receive Coupons

@ gatekeeper. It is a good idea to print them anyway because, if it does work, you get to use both on one item.

My suggestion on the ones you load, is to read the specifics of the coupon. If it doesn't meet the criteria, then it won't work. I have a hardtime with them too so, I think if you print out the coupon and you get lucky on it working off your card too, its a bonus.

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Kansas taking insurance applications for those with pre-existing conditions

A major flaw among many is you have to been uninsured for 6 months before you can go into this pool. So the people that have the state pool insurance (not sure if that is the right term) because they were uninsurable because of pre-exisiting conditions can't opt into the new pool now. That is too bad they are being punished for doing the right thing all a long to maintain insurance.

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Free Nabisco Cookies Coupon

Maybe because the blog isn't a recipe exchange?

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Another death reported at Country Stampede near Manhattan

Manhattan Mercury and CJ Online.

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Another death reported at Country Stampede near Manhattan

Yes he was a Wildlife and Park officer. I wonder why they didn't put that in this article. Check the Mercury.

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$0.30 Milk, Free Toothbrushes Produce Coupons and More

Seriously? What do coupons have to do with your glass ceiling at your job? Get a new one then, it sounds terrible. I have an advanced degree as well and own my own business. I still pay attention to prices and coupons. Why should I spend more than I need to on milk?

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Mommy brain: A common parenting myth might have some truth to it — but not what you’d expect.

I am a mother of three and words can't describe how much I hate the term mommy brain or anyone that suggests I have it.

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Norweigian Study Shows Breastfeeding Is Not Best

12 January 2010
at 10:23 a.m.

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Irish (Irish Swearingen) says…

The study was published in the Norweigan journal, “Acta Obstetricia and Gynecologica Scandinavica.”
I agree with the study.
I am a Catholic Christian, I do not have “issues” with my body. I chose to bottle feed. I am comfortable with that.
I do consider the practice to be weird and gross. It is who I am.
I should not be insulted because I am me.
If you chose to breastfeed, that is fine. It is none of my business. I will chose not to be around you when you do.
You shouldn't insult people that breastfeed then! I have seen several times that you pipe in with your opinion, that is very insulting on the subject (see previous comment from breastfeeding green article). It goes both ways.

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