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Walgreen's Jumbo Pack Diapers $2.50/each

I got some today. Size 3 had 36 (same as Huggies size 3).

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Gregory apologizes over questioning of transsexual woman

I want to know too. Because about 8 years ago, I went into the DMV with some one and when were waiting, there was a transgendered female that got her license. She was very upset because they had put male. She said she wasn't male. They said according to her birth certificate she was. She wanted them to put nothing then. They said they couldn't and she asked if they could put "o" for other. They told her they had to put the gender as it was off her legal document, in this case a birth certificate.

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Some Lawrence school employees don't get paid for snow days

And this is a surprise to who? This how it works out for most salaried employees and what most hourly employees are use too.

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Get Krafty with Target Coupons


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Get Krafty with Target Coupons

Wow!! Lots of assumptions! I use coupons and I am a mom. But, just so we are clear, I don't have a Tahoe (or a car even close to the cost or a suv), I get my hair cut at Z's for $7 every couple of months, the last time I had a manicure was because someone gave me a gc for my birthday months ago, I have a pair of drug store sunglasses in my purse that were given to me for Christmas. I have been to a soccer field so I guess you got me there.

I certainly appreciate this information because as a young family working of a budget, it does help to stretch my dollar. In particular "household" items that can really shrink my weekly amount so that I can buy more local items/healthy items for my family.

Thanks Jenn!

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Good deals found at Macy's, plus semi-annual sales at Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works

First of all, most of their blogs are about local businesses here in Lawrence that employ Lawrence residents. Second of all, do you cry and complain when people from out of town (for let's say....a KU game) come to Lawrence and spend their $'s here? I think Lawrence will survive an occasional shopping trip to Topeka or KC area.

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Lawrence man pleads guilty in robbery at KU Credit Union

At least he did that instead of wasting court time.

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Does your family look forward to the same Thanksgiving menu year after year?

Brining is the way to go. It cuts the cooking time down by about 30 minutes and more moist.

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Faith Forum: How should one bring up religion in a college dorm setting?

I like that proverb. I have never heard it before.

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BOGO at Payless and Grocery Deals for the Week

If you go to the LJworld downtown office you can buy old copies.

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