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Lawrence man travels state informing Kansans about Affordable Care Act

You are not exactly right. You can keep your insurance through it's renewal (individual) at that time you will have to go one of ACA plans which will be different. I know because I have many hours of training on this and I am working with people that know they are losing their current plans.

It could be possible that you will not have your same doctor. I don't think this is a big risk.

The marketplace starts on Oct 1 for ENROLLMENT. The plans start January 1st.

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Letter: Health exchange stats

Actually, this law is just going to make insurance agents more money. Most of them will have access to all the different companies and be able to make a commission off something people are now forced to buy.

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Fire destoys downtown Baldwin City home

If the porches were bad ,that is a huge liability risk and I can understand why the insurance company would not want to insurance it. Just because it was sold for $60,000 doesn't mean it reflects the cost to rebuild it. And,the FAIR plan would be more expensive and actual cash value but, it least he would have some coverage.

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Lawrence day care remains shut down amid drug-selling investigation

I don't understand what you wrote.

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Lawrence police officer killed in one-vehicle accident at Sixth and Wakarusa

Matt was a great guy. I am glad I knew him. Thoughts and prayers to the friends and family.

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Motorcyclist and driver in North Lawrence fatality identified

Your comment makes no sense. One, because I think you are assuming she is my mother and I am not even related to her. And two, because you assume I dont think it was unforeseeable. I never said that. I am just saying she is a good person. It is possible for all of us to do horrible things.

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Motorcyclist and driver in North Lawrence fatality identified

This is horrible for everyone involved. I do know the driver and she is a sweet, wonderful person. My thoughts and prayers go out to all that this impacts.

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HyVee's Annual General Mills Cereal Sale is Here

Last year on 6th they had them taped to boxes of cereal too. And when they ran out, if you just told the cashier you wanted to use the coupon, they would scan the ad they had up at the register.

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Pick up Bambi at Target and Get Your Stains out For Free at Dillons

You can load PG&E coupons to your Dillons card from PG&E website again (they stopped for awhile). Also, if you picked up that baby savings coupn book (it was mentioned a couble weeks ago) I believe there was a Huggies Walgreens coupon. might be able to stack?

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Walgreen's Jumbo Pack Diapers $2.50/each

Package says Made in the USA.

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